Boston Celtics Links - 10/1/08

- I vaguely recall Darius Miles being strongly associated with Baskin-Robbins in a negative way. In light of that I grinned slightly when I read the title of Mark Murphy's article today. And even though it turned out to be one of those feel good training camp articles where it feels like everything will work out, I thought Miles made a great point:

“We’ve known since February that this was going to happen,” Miles said yesterday of the 10-game suspension he is about to serve for testing positive for the banned substance phentermine, a common ingredient in diet pills. “So they announce it on the day that the Celtics go to the White House (to be honored as last season’s champions). What is it that everyone heard that day? The Celtics go to the White House and Darius Miles gets suspended for 10 games. That was messed up.”

And for what it's worth Paul Pierce is in Miles' corner.

- According to Marc J. Spears KG is a Miles fan as well:

"Last week, Garnett expressed excitement about seeing that same ol' Miles. Considering how the Blazers - very wise of late - dropped Miles, Garnett's excitement about the player once nicknamed "Baby KG" made me very curious to see whether he still could play.

"D-Miles looks very good," Garnett said last week. "I'm very impressed. I've been a big fan of his since day one. You know he wants the opportunity and wants this more than anything. That makes it more inspiring and inspirational than anything."

- Spears also has the latest on Ray Allen's campaign against diabetes.

- Yesterday I mentioned how happy I was the Celtics were not headed abroad this preseason. Doc Rivers agrees. He's also in mid season form with the witty comments. See his take on the Newport mansions. Finally, I don't think I've mentioned my excitement for the Bill Walker era enough. I just might make this an unofficial Walker blog.

- Over the last couple of days more details have come to light about how limited Kendrick Perkins will be for the first stretch of camp. And until proven otherwise I'm not sure how what that will mean for season as well. In the meantime Patrick O'Bryant is getting his shot.

- Frank Dell'Apa dives into the training camp destination, the location of exhibition games, and the fact that Paul Pierce is a big tennis fan. Who knew?

- has its post up notebook (catch the D-Miles interview) and a photo gallery as well. Despite my best efforts I briefly freaked out when I saw Tony Allen icing his knee. Completely irrational on my part.

- Get your Boston Celtics season preview fill at CelticsBlog, Loy's Place, Red's Army, and of course Green Bandwagon.

- Also catch random training camp thoughts at Loy's Place, some Larry Brown musings at CelticsBlog, and a wire to wire prediction at Red's Army.

- Perk is a Beast rips off some posts on media day scenes, the Brian Scalabrine, Perk of course (shoulder is fine?), and a phenomenal Clifford Ray interview. Phenomenal.

- has stories about the C's bonding in Newport and Perk doing drills, but not contact.

- Catch a new faces post at Celtics 24/7 that may be minus the new faces.

- Lex Nihil Novi has a post on J.R. Giddens and some info on Miles' desire to play last season.

- talks about the C's need for a new source of motivation while USA Today looks at the bid to repeat.

- Finally head over to ESPN for the Power Rankings and Hollinger's Celtics forecast.

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