I! Love! LEON!!!

[Green Bandwagon Note: This one gets a front page call up because of the link, quoted material, and the fact that any Leon Powe related material is awesome. Powe's effort has never been an issue. And he has performed when given time. The fact that he's in a contract year can't hurt. Although he's always played as if everyone else is trying to steal his money. Finally, it's good to read about summer workouts instead of summer celebrations. Well done.]

I couldn't stop smiling as I read this article.  Enjoy and fall in love with Leon again and again.

Leon on the Eastern Conference:

Powe knows firsthand the threat posed by the Cavs and Detroit Pistons, and he is keeping an eye on the newly revamped Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors.

"It's going to be harder for us to beat [the Raptors] because they've got some firepower now. If we aren't focused, we probably won't win that game," he said. "We've got to be extremely focused and ready to go to war. Especially with Elton Brand going to the Sixers. I thought the Sixers were pretty good. I don't know about everybody else but I thought they were really good. Now they've got Elton Brand so that makes them even stronger."

Leon on the loss of Poz and PJ:

"I was hoping we were going to bring him back," Powe said. "But Poz had to do what was best for himself and his family, and I understand that completely. What he did was he helped us get a ring and we all appreciate that. And he secured himself financially too."

But perhaps the loss that would affect Powe the most is that of P.J. Brown. Last season the 15-year veteran took then-sophomore Powe under his wing and guided him through the playoffs. Although Brown has not made an official announcement – and Powe would like to hold out hope of a return – all signs are pointing toward his retirement.

"[Before I came back to Boston] I told him to come back," Powe said with an innocent smile. "I said, 'Ok, you can come back in the second round of the playoffs.' He said, 'Nah big fella, I'm going to leave it up to you guys.'"

So I guess PJ's not coming back?

Expect new & improved Leon!

"I'm going to be ready and I'm not going to creep up on anybody," he said. "But, I'm going to have more stuff in my package. I'm already physical and that's where I want to stay at. But I also was putting a jumper in, I was putting off the dribble stuff in. So if you're going to guard me, you're going to have to guard me because I've been working real hard and I'm going to continue to work so I'll be ready for next season."

This season, I want to hear Tommy say, "I! LOVE! LEON!!!"

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