When The Win Streaks Grow, The Volume Of Talking In Here Drops

A sad statement about all sport fans I think.   As our beloved teams do well, we have less to talk about among our fellow fans of the team. 

We have so much more to say when there is an issue with the team. Problems we can analyze and discuss ways the team can fix them.  We discuss what we would do different or who should be the one doing it.  When the Celtics were lotto teams, there were so many different discussion going on, you could not follow them all.   But the long time CBers know, this great blog is much more quiet now.

Every hard core fan of every team does it.  As the team does better, there is less chatter between fans of that team (though more chatter grows between the these fans and fans of other teams, something we don't have a lot of on here).  It is the sport fans' nature.  Just listen to sports talk radio.  Problems and issues seem to be the rating draws.

Of course, there are only so many "such and such is great" talks you can have.  The discussion doesn't last long if everyone is agreeing with you.  How many different ways can you say "Pierce's play is good" or "Rondo is stepping up" ?  Fans can trash talk players on other teams, but what good is that if fans from those teams are not going to respond. 

Now the only exception to this seems to be a sport like football.  Of course that sport has so much time between games and there is a lot of things that can be broken down.  Therefor, you can probably say that the longer between games for a sport, the less this happens.

The effect of this has also created a large non-Celtics discussion block.  Face it, we like to talk on this site and we have come to enjoy each other responses.  Most posters now can find another topic on this site besides the Celtics that they are interested in. 

Now let me make this clear now, I am not writing this because I want the Celtics to be bad so we have something to talk about.  This is just some observations I am making. 

But let me add this, I would like to see more talk on here.  That's why I am grateful we have many posters who have ideas and thoughts on the Celtics that are very different then the majority.  I think we are to hard on them to often and do not appreciate that they give us jumping off points for discussion we wouldn't normally have.  I am also glad there are a few posters that are fans of other teams that do contribute.  I wish there was more because as long as the are as respectful as we are, they add to the discussion. 

So, if there are any Piston fans out there that might read this, Celtics are going to beat you tonight.  Feel free to come here and try to argue they won't.

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