WEEI Interviews

WEEI has been posting interviews on their blog/website lately.  Some good stuff in there.  Here's some samples.

Green Street " Doc Rivers on D+C

Do you know who the third-leading rebounder is on your club? Shelden Williams.

I’ll tell you Shelden, he’s been absolutely wonderful. Obviously when he scores points everyone sees that, but what they don’t see is all the little things. He has so much to learn, honestly. If there’s anyone behind as far as our scheme it would be Shelden. He’s probably picked up about half of it. That’s the good part. You know when he really gets it all, he’ll be a really good fit for our team.

Green Street " Danny Ainge on the Big Show, 11/11

[Rajon] Rondo "gets up" to play these guys [like Chris Paul, Deron Williams], right?

He does, I think. This year, he’s done a better job of being ready every night and playing with better intensity. I always get frustrated with match-ups in basketball. Rondo needs a lot of help on these pick and rolls because the game is so much pick and roll defense and pick and roll offense. So a player like Williams, in particular, or Chris Paul, even Rondo. You have to go and give help. You have to go out there and give help. If the big guys are doing a good job of showing and recovering it takes away lot from what point guards can do. Our defense against Deron Williams tonight is going to be a team defensive base. Sure, Rondo will have to fight through screens and work hard and compete hard but it also comes down to the whole team defense and how we defend Utah’s precision offense. They do a great job of executing and always have in Jerry Sloan’s 20 years coaching in Utah.

Rasheed Wallace on D&H 11/12

There was a story on you in the Kansas City Star about your obsession with the Chiefs and the writer said, "Rasheed Wallace was holding a prosthetic leg," or something like that. Why were you holding a prosthetic leg?

Well, a friend of mine is handicapped and at times when he’s had one too many beers, he gets to taking his leg off and he likes to throw it around and he tries to scare people. So, we just took his leg and put my Kansas City helmet on it and we took pictures of it.

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