The Most Hated Jumpshot


A topic of conversation since he joined the ballclub, Rajon Rondo's jumper has made Celtic fans all over the world lose their fillings (grinding your teeth does that.). This post is a quick look into the improvements our starting point has made.

We will not go into the exact details like amounts, percentages and spots, because we don't really need those to judge his shot. Rajon has been taking a few more of them at different times. His shot selection has improved a bit, and even though he's still hesitant every now and then, he's actually been more and more willing to pull up and fire. There's no real need to elaborate why it's imperative that he works on all of this, because by now everyone knows that our opponents seem willing to base their defense around forcing our quicksilver floor leader to take shots.

Luckily, he's improved a lot, though I'm not sure "luckily" is the right word for this. He has been training long and hard on this part of his game, and we're seeing the results. There's two major improvements that I've noticed, form and consistency.


First off, he doesn't look awkward anymore. Last season showed an embarrasing likeness to my little nephew when he took a jumpshot. Rajon's form was crooked, he was always off balance and the actual shot was some kind of spastic jerking motion, instead of a proper attempt at lobbing the ball through that iron loop. He's no Ray Allen -obviously- but at least right now he looks like he knows what he's doing when he hops and pulls the trigger.

Secondly, consistency. Since the start of the pre-season, it looks like he's shooting the same shot every single time. He used to have a whole repertoire of wacky, frog-like hops. Actually, some of the time he looked like a bunny, trying to avoid getting hit by a horde of stampeding rhinos (I'm sure this is a daily gig for bunnies around the globe.). But right now, he seems to have found a way to jump up straight, balanced and ready to shoot. If I'd have to carry on comparing to animals, I'd call him a grasshopper.  He still has his arms at a slightly awkward angle, but it's identical every single time he pulls it off.

As I love to point out to the young guns at our basketball club, consistency is key to making buckets. Leave "inventing the wheel" time and time again to this league's Kobes, Anthonys and Iversons. If you become able to put up the same shot again and again, you will be shooting at a higher percentage. The infuriated infant (thanks Steve) is the living proof of this theory. We used to cringe when he took it, but by the end of last year he sank 'm as consistently as films sink the titanic.

So there ya go, Rondo; another compliment to boost that ego of yours.

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