Simple roster moves that can strengthen Celtic weak spots

To begin I think the C's are a deep team and have alot of strengths that teams have a hard time combating and roster depth (when healthy)  that most teams can not also match up against.

But even the C's do have a few weak spots that I think would be wise for them address before the trade deadline and prior to heading into the playoffs.

Here are my suggestions:

The first weak spot is the lack of a pure back up point guard which I think can and will easily be resolved by activating Ty Lue who is currently practicing with the team but who is now currently only a player coach.

The 2nd weak spot is the need for more big man who can help  out on the boards and with low post defense.

I think the following trade idea could help remedy that  weak spot.

Celtics can trade Scalabrine and Giddens for either the Bulls Tyrus Thomas or Golden states Ronny Turiaf .

The trade is doable since the contracts match and swapping Scal who is not even close to a power forward a small for either Thomas or Turiaff would be a great big man upgrade.

Both big men are true power forwards which Scalabrine is not and  would help improve the C's rebounding numbers, low post interior defense and add more big man depth off the bench .

The 3rd weakness is a back up small forward wing defender.

I personally think giving  Bill Walker a chance to fulfill the job requirement would great idea since he is a power small forward and athletic as well who has the physical tools to could guard opposing athletic small forwards.

But if Doc does not want to count on him I think that the C's could remedy the matter by trading Tony Allen (who is to small to do the job) for a bigger strong defending athletic small forward, someone like Wilson Chandler of the Knicks who has size, great defensive skills.

This trade is doable also since Allen makes almost 3x as much as Chandler does.

What do the rest of you think of the following roster moves to prime us for the playuoffs?

Do others have any other suggestions?

I think the C's have alot of flexibility to improve this all ready great team by making some roster moves and trades and would like to hear of any other ideas others may have.

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