Will the Celtics improve their roster talent even more with future trades?

Ok the Celtics already have a pretty talented and deep team this year, but I think the even better news for the Celtics and the even worse news for the rest of the NBA is that they can get even better this year if they seek to make  a couple of trades.

1st) I think many will agree the Celtics need to bolster their rebounding which has not been great this year,  so I think it would be good idea to trade Big Baby, who as a young and promising player, should have some market value to trade for in exchange for preferably a true rebounding  center or at least a power forward.

Surely by putting  Baby on the trade block the Celtics should be able to find a big man that they can swap him for who can help the Celtics get some rebounds.

Since Williams scores almost as well as Baby , rebounds, defends and blocks shots much better than Baby, Bbay is expendable which allows the C's to be able to shop him around and trade for a player in return who can help remedy a team weakness which is rebounding.

2nd) I think many also will agree the Celtics need a small forward who can guard the athletic, quick and larger small forwards (like Lebron James etc.)  that give the Celtics fits on the defensive end, so I say package the valuable and marketable expiring contracts of TA and Scal (worth around 7 million $$ in total) to find such a player.

Surely with the pricey hefty combined expiring contracts of Scal and TA  the Celtics should be able to find a legit defending small forward who can help us defend against bigger, athletic small forwards which gives the C's so much headaches.

I think the Celtics have some nice bargaining chips to play with by offering Big Baby and the valuable expiring contracts of Scal and TA. to other teams and the above trade scenarios mentioned above, make sense, will help remedy some team weak spots and help fine tune this club for our title run heading into the playoffs.

Maybe we will have to wait for the trade deadline to see if the trades I recommended take place, but I hope they do since I think it will only make the C's better.

Does any one else agree with me that trading the above players to help improve the team is a good idea and if so any ideas who is available that we can possibly  trade for?

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