Rumors: Celtics Interested In Bell, Sheed, Others

Adrian Wojnarowski reports:

The Boston Celtics reached out to the Charlotte Bobcats about trading for proven playoff performer Raja Bell, a league source said. So far, the Celtics don’t have anything in return that appeals to Charlotte.

The Bobcats are telling people that they have a possible two-for-one trade percolating and need to keep a hold on a roster spot.

Boston lost guard Tony Allen to thumb surgery on Tuesday, and he could be out until the playoffs. For months, the Celtics have unsuccessfully tried to trade 2008 first-round pick J.R. Giddens for a draft choice.

Hey, you've gotta like Raja's history with Kobe Bryant.

Please keep in mind, the Celtics have already refuted Wojnarowski's rumor that Giddens was being shopped and the Magic shot down a rumor that he reported that the Celtics were asking about JJ Redick.  So take his rumors with a grain of salt for now.

Also, from the Herald:

The Celtics have investigated what it would take to trade for a big man such as Brad Miller, but they don’t have the kind of high-priced players (especially ones with expiring contracts) to make the deal work under the salary cap.

"It’s tough," coach Doc Rivers said. "We’re just going to have to wait and see what happens with the trade deadline and then with guys buying out and then maybe looking at the D-League. I don’t know what we’re going to do yet."

The Miller rumor (as well as anyting to do with Marcus Camby) just seem to be a stretch to me.  To get either one you are talking about dealing away a minimum of 3 guys that get a lot of minutes and you almost have to include Perkins to make the salaries work.  Thanks but I'll pass on that.

As far as the D-League option is concerned, that's obviously not ideal, but at this point I think the bar is set pretty low.  All you need to be is a 7 footer with a pulse and you might just beat out Patrick O'Bryant on the depth chart.

Update with a few more rumors:

Old friend Starbury will reportedly be bought out after the trade deadline and will not be traded.

Walsh said he'd like to make a trade, but it won't be for Stephon Marbury.

After Thursday's 3 p.m. deadline, the Knicks hope to reach a settlement with Marbury, who would likely join the Celtics after Boston traded Sam Cassell yesterday to open a roster spot.

Also WEEI is reporting interest in Rasheed Wallace and even some longshots:

According to sources close to the situation, Ainge has aimed high and taken a shot at trying to acquire a guy like Rasheed Wallace, Marcus Camby and even Amare Stoudamire (who appears to now be off the market).

However, the efforts have come up short thus far — largely because the Celtics don’t exactly have a ton to offer.

If true, you can't blame Ainge for not looking under every rock.  However, this will all most likely amount to sound and fury, signifying nothing.

"I'd say it's more than likely that nothing happens," one source within the Celtics organization said.

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