Difference-Maker Role Becoming Norm For Mo

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Stealing the show in one LeBron-Wade match-up last week wasn't enough for Mo Williams.

When the Cavs visited Miami last Monday, Williams came up with 17 points in the fourth quarter and spurred a 12-0 run to help the Cavs overcome an 11-point deficit. 

On Saturday night, he turned up the heat in the final period once more.  After Miami cut a 14-point deficit to six, Williams took control,  He hit a beautiful teardrop in transition, drove for a lay-up and then drained a three for seven straight points to extend the lead back to 13.  He wound up scoring all 11 Cavs points over a 4:36 span and 12 for the quarter.  That included another smooth teardrop that the hometown announcers gleefully called the "Mo flo." 

When the final gun sounded, Williams led all scorers with 29 points on 10-for-15 shooting that featured a 6-for-7 effort on three-pointers, and the Cavs walked away with a 10-point win.

While Williams hasn't shot hit with quite that level of accuracy all season, he has spent his maiden campaign in Cleveland playing the role of X-factor to perfection.

Playing the Robin to LeBron James' Batman, Williams has been everything the oft-ballyhooed (and later maligned) Larry Hughes was once expected to be in the Cleveland backcourt.

Williams' presence provides a ball-handler who also serves as a secondary scorer.  He is quick off the dribble and goes to the basket hard.  That teardrop "Mo flo" looks increasingly effective as the year goes on. 

But Williams doesn't stop at scoring 17.8 points per game on 47.4 percent shooting from the field.  His outside shooting effectiveness has jumped for the second straight season, and Williams is hitting a career high 42.7 percent from the field.  He takes big shots without fear.  As demonstrated twice over the last week, Williams won't hesitate to take control when the Cavs need a spark.  Defenses can't bail themselves out by fouling him either as he is no liability at the line: Williams shoots 93.7 percent from the foul line and has missed from there exactly 11 times this season.

The point guard is putting up a 59.2 percent true shooting mark, a figure well better than the Cavs could have hoped for even in their wildest dreams.  He has no difficulty handling the ball and currently dishes out 4.1 assists per game.  Williams' contributions this season have been integral toward improving the Cavs' offense from 20th in efficiency a season ago to third this year.  The concerns about his defensive deficiencies haven't bitten this team either as the Cavs sit second in that department.

This Cavs team is more dangerous than ever before.  Short of LeBron, Mo Williams is one of the biggest reasons why.  Credit Danny Ferry for a trade well made last summer.

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