FanPost 101 - You Be The Blogger

We really haven't utilized all the features available to us here at CelticsBlog to their full extent and much of that is my fault.  One thing I wanted to promote more and teach you about is the FanPost section here on CelticsBlog.  The basic premise is to allow anyone to be a Celtics blogger right here on CelticsBlog.

The FanPosts are specifically designed to be more like articles than like message board posts.  Here is the specific guideline presented by SBNation:

FanPosts are for publishing substantial ideas, opinions and inquiries. All blogs require a minimum number of words in the range of 50 - 150. If you just want to share a quick link, photo, quote or video with the community without analysis or a lengthy reaction, create a FanShot.

I'll add that on this blog, you also have the option of starting forum posts for conversation-starter topics. 

Please note: If you start a FanPost that is too short and you simply add in nonsense to meet the required 50 word limit, we'll most likely take the post down and your work will be lost.  In addition, this isn't the place to promote your own blog or to get the attention of someone on the site.  Those too will be removed.

You Be The Blogger:

The whole idea here is to give people a place to express their voice.  I get emails all the time from people wanting to join the staff or contribute to CelticsBlog.  This is the best opportunity for people with those kinds of interests. The best FanPosts will be promoted to the front page as time and space permits.  I admit I've been bad about doing this when things have been extra-busy.  However, we've got a lot of time this offseason to get creative and experiment with new things.  You can help us do that by writing quality content and sharing it with us.

You can also help me find the best FanPosts to promote by recommending them.  At the bottom of each FanPost (that you didn't write yourself) there's a "Rec" link that lets you vote for that post.  If the staff sees enough Rec votes (like Tommy Points) we'll see it faster and be more likely to promote it.

Here's a good example of a FanPost that fits what we're looking for.  The author (CELTICSFANATIC) appears to disagree with my take on Rasheed Wallace and lays out the arguement for picking him up.  This is perfect.  I don't claim to be right all the time and I'd love to see more poeple lay out the counter-arguement to my opinions (and I'm sure the rest of the staff would echo this sentiment).

Last note: If you are a little confused about how to use the FanPost editor, please see here for a detailed instruction guide.  Thanks and have fun writing.

FanPosts are fan-created content and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CelticsBlog. Be respectful and keep it clean. Thanks.

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