Celtics do not need to sign the biggest FA name.

I think sometime we get to caught up in the big names out there.  Wallace, Mcdyce, Grant Hill...  Names that create excitement.  Names that create buzz.  Former all-star coming to Boston to help win number 18 and get their rings (or second ring)

But the Celtics do not need the big name. 

Three names:  Posey, House and PJ Brown.



Celtics won a title using a bench built around three FA that were not the big names in FA that year.  When looking at different rankings of that FA class, I see lists where 25 or more guys are listed ahead of them that year.

Hollingers ranking

And here is the funny thing, the big names the Celtics did sign were flops.  Former all-star PGs that never came close to living up to what we had hoped.  Sure they had their moment, but Cassel and Marbury were both disappointments in the end. 

What worked though is that they were the fit the Celtics needed.  Guys that fit the system (something that is often overlooked in the NBA).  Guys that were role players.  Role players that knew what their job was in the NBA and were comfortable with it.  (where a guy like TA is not comfortable or good in the role the Celtics needed him to play)  Guys that went from being "how do the Celtics expect to win with such a weak bench" to "Celtics need to open their wallets and keep this bench intact."


The fit is the reason that House and Davis should be retained.  Powe, if he can recover, also should  be retained because he has a role he fits in. 

So, who are the players that fit the role of need?  I honestly an not sure.  When they won the title, I never figured before the season that it would be House and PJ (though I did say a couple of times I wanted to see Posey on the team)

So if we see some big names sign elsewhere, don't panic.  If we see the Celtics bring in some vets we were not so high on, give them time to prove themselves.

But if the Celtics start the season with a bench of project again, well, they will deserve just about any and all criticism that comes their way.

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