Everyone Keeps Saying Iverson Can't, How Long Until He Says He Can?

Everyone says Iverson can't come off the bench. Everyone says Iverson can't play a supporting role. I mean everyone up to and including Iverson. He says he'd retire before he's a bench player.

What else does Iverson say? 'I can still sell tickets' 'I still have it' 'I can still be a franchise player'

Money? One would think he has enough. Over the course of his life, he's made ba-gillions of dollars. His last contract paid him 22 million last season.

Achievements? There aren't many player specific awards he could win anymore. He's been an Rookie of the Year, he's been a 10x Allstar, 2x Allstar game MVP, 7 time All-NBA team, and Most Valuable Player.

He's gained some other notoriety lately. He's always been a sulker when things didn't go his way. He didn't finish the season when he was benched last year.

He's washed up, supposedly. He's played 72% of his possible 1230 games, at an average of 41 mins per. I've said, and I'm not alone, that because of his size and playing style and resilience on the court, he is one of the toughest players in the NBA. That takes a toll. They say he's lost a step or two (but I wouldn't be surprised to see some fireworks here it, 5tp's), and maybe he has. He's never made his money Ray Allen or Reggie Miller style, he defines high impact.

So what are his options? Hope someone terrible signs him to sell tickets? That might work. He might even get paid 5.8 million dollars to do it. If he takes less money, he could even play somewhere like New York, where he'd be worshipped for two weeks then booed. Europe? Sure, he could do that. But what does Allen Iverson care about a Euro chip right now? He doesn't need their money. No one here will care that he wins across the pond. Reebok might not even care.

He never climbed the mountain. He got to the cusp, and failed against the Lakers, losing 4-1. That was almost 10 years ago. Since then he's had some good individual seasons, but no good team season.

How long until Allen Iverson hears enough? How long until he looks at his body of work, then hears what his body is telling him? How long until he realizes that despite all his All-Star appearances, his scoring titles, his MVP awards, he's still missing a handy piece of hardward on his hand?

Heck, he's never won a sixth man of the year award.

Now what kind of team would he go to? Well I know a team that needs help in the back court like nobody's business. I know a team that took in Stephon Marbury like a brother despite all the baggage. I know a city that embraced Starbury, and fans that helped (at least partially) restore his reputation, and cheer him even when he wasn't playing like the player they thought he was. I know a team that has almost the pieces of a champion,

How long until he comes to Boston? Never? Next week? Who knows? Whatever happens, it makes a lot of sense.

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