Giddens & Gabe -- 2 Flavors of the Celtics Future

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During this long off-season, we heard hundreds of Rajon Rondo trade rumors. Many of those rumors also included Ray Allen (whose contract expires after the next season). Rondo, ever since taking the starting job, was said to be the point guard of the future. Rondo gave us a glimpse of what Doc Rivers has seen in him all along. Ray Allen is getting older, but was our second highest scorer last season. Danny Ainge must have had a solid reason to trade two of his big name players. I believe Doc Rivers thinks his young talent can step up.


J.R. Giddens -- Giddens is a shooting guard who spent time on the Celtics as a reserve last season. After a three day workout with the Celts at the beginning of the '09 season, Doc Rivers said he may be able to fight for minutes in his rookie year. He earn All-Big 12 Conference Freshman honors with the Kansas Jayhawks. He would later transfer to New Mexico. In his senior campaign, he was named Mountain West Conference co-player of the year and an honorable mention for the All-American team. In his best year, he averaged 16.3 points a game along with 8.8 rebounds. He played with both Leon Powe and Kendrick Perkins in the McDonald's All-American game (which could also help draw Powe back). Giddens is the same height as Ray Ray and only ten pounds heavier. Giddens does have behavior questions though. Bill Self asked Giddens to leave Kansas after he was stabbed in a bar fight. He was suspended for bad team relations at New Mexico and refused to participate in the Celtic's mini-camp last July because he did not have an official contact yet.

Gabe Pruitt -- Gabe is 3 inches taller than the 6'1 Rondo and a pound lighter. Gabe is a point guard who can also move over and play shooting guard. He set the record for most 3 pointers in two years and his 3 point efficiency have the highest in USC history. His highest points per game average was during  his sophmore season where he hovered around 16 points a game. After his freshman year, his 3 point percentage decreased by 8% while his free throw percentage increased by 10%. He won the Joe Barbato award at USC for the highest free throw percentage. He is fourth in career 3 pointers at USC and sixth in career steals. Gabe has issues, however, with intelligence as he was academically ineligible several times at USC. Also, he was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles after a Boston loss to the Clippers. He was suspended for two games.


While both players have had great college careers, they would have big shoes to fill. Ray Allen was second on the team in points per game (as I mentioned before) while Rajon led in assists and steals. Whether or not Ray Allen returns after next season remains to be seen, but whether or not Gabe or Giddens can step into his or Rajon shoes is going to be fun to watch.

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