Lineups and rotation for next year

With the addition of so many parts and the removal of others, it is sometimes tough to imagine how the team fits together until you see them in the lineups that they will play with during the season.  I think that looking at the additions in terms of who they'll play with and when will give a good idea of how much the team has improved and the places we may still need help.  

I made the assumption that we will not add a backup PG.  12 active spots, 3 extra spots for the young guys.  I imagine we might see some movement to get some of these young guys on the active squad. We will see

Roster : KG, PP, Ray, Rondo, Perk, Sheed, Daniels, House, Baby, Scal, Williams, TA

Leftover: Gidden, Walker, Hudson,


Starting Lineup

Rondo, Ray, PP, KG, Perk

Last year: same 

2008: Same


Tried and true, our 2008 championship starting lineup.  I anticipate that this will be the main lineup for the entire year.  Outside of injury, I don’t expect any of our additions to mess with this good thing.  I think this team is always strong starting with this group especially with the development of Rondo and Perk. The new Big 3 may have slipped, but both Rondo and Perk are much better


KG Insurance Lineup

Rondo, Ray, PP, Sheed, Perk

Last year:  Rondo, Ray, PP, Baby/Powe, Perk 

2008- Rondo, Ray, PP, Scal, Perk


In case KG doesn’t come back at full strength, or if his minutes are much more limited, I believe Sheed pluggin in at the 4 is the most likely starting group.  This is a group with championship talent.  Sheed fills in for KG nicely in his length, offensive game, and defense.  We don’t lose nearly as much as we had in previous years when KG hit the pine. Expect to see this lineup after 8 minutes in the first quarter.


First backup lineup

House, Daniels, PP, Sheed, Baby

Last year:  Marbury, House, PP, Baby, Powe/Scal  

2008- House, PP, Posey, Leon, PJ Brown


A few minutes later, out come Ray, Rondo and Perk.  PP stays on for scoring punch.  Daniels and house bring up the ball.  Again, this lineup is much improved from last year.  I think Daniels give them a slasher that TA was always hoped to be.  This lineup can shoot pretty well too, with House and Sheed from deep, Baby from mid range, and PP doing his thing.  I like the idea of a running the 1-3 pick and roll with house and PP.  I also like the idea of PP and Sheed two man game.  Most importantly, with Sheed on the floor, I think we have the shot blocker we didn’t have on the bench last year.  When Perk was out, we had no inside presence, unlike when PJ came in 08.  Sheed should solidify the defense of this second unit, which in turn, should make the celts a better team.


Second backup lineup

House, Ray, Daniels, KG, Baby

Last Year: Marbury, House, Ray, Powe, Perk

2008- House/Cassel, Ray, Pose, KG, PJ


PP gets some rest, and Daniels shifts over to SF.  KG back in, keeps up the intensity and brings the shot blocking that was missing when Perk was out last year.  Sheed could be here for baby depending on matchups. We could also have Perk in here too. This is a critical lineup to get PP some rest.  Pose, a true three,  always played the well enough to get Paul his needed rest.  I hope Daniels can fill that spot at the 3.


Crunch time lineup

Rondo, Ray, PP, KG, Sheed

Last Year:  Rondo, Ray, PP, Baby, Perk

2008: House, Ray, PP, Pose, KG


This will be a delicate task for Doc and I hope he doesn’t screw it up.  Perk plays great D and was the anchor last year.  But does he play in crunch time?  This crunch time lineup gives them more shooting and perhaps more offensive talent without a huge sacrifice at the defensive end.  I’d love to see either KG or Sheed operating on the block.  With both in there, both can’t rove the perimeter, right? We lose a little with Perk’s toughness but it also opens up the lane for driving on offense, but doesn’t take away from us on defense.


Mountain lineup

Ray, PP, Sheed, KG, Perk

Last year: N/A

2008: N/A


It was mentioned in an article that we could send out a huge lineup with our big front court.  It means one of Rondo, Ray, PP is not on the court, which might be interesting, but not in late game or crunch time.  With KG’s knee, I’m not sure if we see this much, unless he’s back all the way and able to guard the 3.  I’m not sure Sheed can guard a 3.  We’ll see.  Again an interesting lineup for stretches.   Allows us to match the Lakers Odom, Gasol, Bynum lineup if we wanted.


Go Small lineup

Rondo, Ray, PP, Daniels, KG

Last year: Rondo, Ray, TA, PP, Perk

2008: House, Ray, PP, Pose, KG


The best lineup from the 2008 champs was this lineup with Posey on the floor.  I’m not sure that this group can necessarily resurrect that group.  Daniels/Pierce at the 4 is tougher than playing posey there.  But, if teams go small, I think this group is better than having TA out there like last year.  House for Rondo would also give us more shooting if we needed it.



Go real small lineup

Rondo, Ray, PP, Daniels, Scal

Last Year: Rondo, House, Ray, PP, Scal

2008: Don’t’ remember


Again, I don’t seen any situation where one of the combo of  Perk, Sheed, and KG are not in the game.  Maybe in a set play position, we might see this lineup.


Shooting lineup

House, Ray, PP, KG, Sheed

Last Year:  House, Ray, PP, Baby, Scal

2008: House, Ray, PP, Pose, KG


This might also be an important lineup.  With 4 guys spreading the floor, this is much more like the small lineup that we had in 08 with Posey.  4 guys shooting the 3 and KG roving the paint.  I think this lineup gets some minutes, especially come playoff time.


3 point shooting lineup

House, Ray, PP, Scal, Sheed

Last Year: House, Marbury, PP, Scal, Perk

2008: House, Ray, PP, Pose, Scal


Again, probably a situation setting, but KG for Scal probably isn’t really happening unless it’s end of the quarter, half.  Not going to happen at the end of the game.


Defensive Lineup

Rondo, TA, PP, KG, Perk

Last Year:  Rondo, TA, PP, Baby, Perk

2008: Rondo, TA, Pose, KG, PJ


I think this is the best defensive lineup on paper.  TA can play D, but his basketball IQ is low (See fouling Ben Gordon last year).  But athletically, I think this unit can clamp down on anyone.  If we can coach up Daniels on defense, maybe he comes in for TA, or PP.  I would love to see us really focus on the D this year, and would love to see this team attack people on defense like they did in 08. 


Gino Lineup

House, TA, Scal, Baby, Williams

Last Year: Not a ton, can’t remember that many blowout after KG was out.

2008:  House, TA, Scal,  Baby, Leon.


Anytime Gino’s on the jumbotron, I think these are the guys that will be in the game.  I hope we see plenty of this lineup.


Overall, these are just a few of the lineups that we can trot out.   But barring injury, I am very excited about what this team can do, at least on paper.  The biggest improvement from last year will be consistent defense.  Good defense can bring us a championship.


Last year, our big man rotation lacked a bench shot blocker (ala PJ Brown).  Now with Sheed, and the return of KG, we should have no situation where we won’t have a shot blocker on the court, in most situation, we’ll have two.  This in turn changes the defense, allowing a bit more tight pressure play on defense with shot blockers to erase any mistakes.

 These lineups are in no way complete, but a fair prediction, if healthy of who we'll see together on the floor.  Having reviewed them, it gets me excited for the season.  I think each group is superior to the 2009 team, and would give the 2008 team a run for their money.  If the team is focused on defense and teamwork, this team will go far.  

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