Live Blog from Celtics Media Day

THAT, my friends, is called motivation

Happy Celtics Media Day!

I (Jimmy Toscano) am at Celtics Media Day in Waltham today and will be giving quick updates throughout the day on what I see and hear from Celtics players and coaches around the facility. 

Most recent updates at the top:

  • The bus for RI is packed up and leaving now, looks like Media Day is winding down.  
  • Sheed- likes boston so far, "at the gas station or supermarket everybody keeps saying 'welcome to baahhhston'". Says that he doesn't care if people have the wrong impression of him. Says some refs just have it out for him- "I already know that [replacement refs] are going to come in all happy-go-lucky 'oh I gave Rasheed Wallace a tech tonight ha ha ha' but I could care less about that as long as we go out and win..."
  • Rondo- "obviously would like to get deal done before season for financial security, but if not it will not bother him throughout the season. Easy not to focus on it because focused on winning a championship"
  • Eddie House in regards to people saying no backup pg on team- "they aren't watching basketball. Those are guys who probably haven't played the game... If you watch, there have been plenty of games where I've been the point. I can initiate the offense and bring the ball up. And if I can't do it then Paul can do it and if Paul can't do it Marquis can do it."
  • Ainge "our incentive is to have rondo as our franchise point guard and I think Rondo wants to be here for a long time as well. These things just have to do with dollar amount and have no bearing on where we are with him or what we feel about him.  We may do something in october or we may do something next summer when we have the ability to match."
  • Mike Sweetney just walked in. Good news for Mike, if he doesn't make the celts I think the pats may be looking for a defensive end
  • Paul- Marquis going to help tremendously. You bring in a guy with experience and who can play the 1-2-3 positions
  • Ray- me and paul can play as many minutes as needed.
  • Paul- minutes aren't really an issue. Kind of overblown last year.
  • Ray- we know where sheed wants the ball. Not worried about sheed because he wants to see the game played the right way. We have all been part of teams that have been rebuilding and as far as windows go we are not looking past this year
  • KG- On the same page with Rasheed already. Its weird seeing him in green and just how our chemistry flows without even touching the ball.
  • Pierce- KG looked good on floor, just knocking off the rust

 (prior updates after the jump)

Keep refreshing this page throughout the day for up to the minute information as the event unfolds. Follow us on Twitter at and as well.

  • KG-everything is right on schedule, feels good
  • KG - First time back on the floor he thought everything was really fast,  but he's getting back to speed now
  • KG played 5 on 5 last week
  • Doc: one-a-day practices this year
  • Doc just confirmed reports on Tony
  • Will be "scary" with replacement refs
  • CSN reports that Tony Allen is questionable for the preseason due to continued issues with his torn ankle tendon
  • Doc: asked players to come in early this year
  • Doc: No restrictions on KG or any player in camp
  • Lester Hudson is wearing number 26 and rocking the mohawk
  • Taking pics of Giddens.  He's bigger than I thought.
  • Reporters are everywhere.  No interviews just yet.  Haven't seen KG or Ray yet.
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