All I Care About Is KG

Getting constant updates from Jimmy on Media Day was a wonderful experience.  It was interesting to hear about Tony's injury, Rondo's frame of mind, Rasheed's fitting in, and Doc's plan to keep everyone fresh.  But really, all I cared about was getting updates on KG.  As I've mentioned about a dozen or more times this offseason; his health means just about everything.

Most every report was positive today.  It was reported that KG is playing 5 on 5 for about a week now and there will be no restrictions on him during camp.  Great news indeed.

He goes on to shed some light onto the severity of the injury.  (No staples were mentioned)

"No surprises other than the severeness of it -- I didn't know it was that bad," Garnett said. "They evaluate you from A to Z, but until they actually get in there and see what the problem really is, then you know a 1-to-10 on how severe it was. It was pretty severe, but the best thing about is that I got it out of the way, and my leg is almost 100 percent going forward. Better than anything I'm playing without any pain, which is something I really haven't had for some time now."

Asked to elaborate on what he meant by "severeness," Garnett looked down at the interview table in front of him and drew an analogy, saying the bone spurs were expected to be the size of a tape recorder but ended up being more like a microphone.

That explains why there was so much doubt about his return last year.  It sounds like they just didn't know how big of a problem it was till they cut him open to remove it.  The good news is that it is taken care of and he's on schedule to be back to being the KG that we all know and love.

Of course there was one apparent dark cloud that appeared in the form of a Gary Tanguay report:

KG told me that "the knee still gets sore" and that he is "working his way back into it".

At first that might seem contradictory to the statement about playing with no pain, but I think the two are not mutually exclusive.  Often times the adrenaline of the game or workout allows you to feel no pain as you are running.  However, once you cool down and sit at rest, the knee might get sore.  This is why you see many players ice their knees after games.  I'm no doctor, but I would assume that some soreness is a natural part of the healing process.

The bottom line is that we still don't know for sure if he'll be 100% for the season opener, and realistically we weren't going to learn that for sure today anyway.  All we can do is hope for the best and watch him closely when he finally hits the floor for preseason games.

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