Celtics are Lock n' Loaded?

This offseason was a productive one for the Celtics. It may not be as productive as the off-season when we acquired Garnett and Allen but it is just as effective. The addition of Rasheed Wallace has made our big man rotation one of the best in the league and not only that, but gives us more depth at the center spot. Wallace also brings his passion, his desire to win, and his "Bad Boy" aura to the team. He can also spread the floor with his three point shooting that allows the Celtics to disorient the opposing teams defense. The front office did a good job in adding Wallace to the team.


Love the intensity


Another good addition to the team in the off-season that helps our depth is the addition of  Marquis Daniels. This is a guy, that I feel, is being underrated by many people. Daniels stepped up and increased his scoring when Danny Granger was injured last season. If I am not mistaken, Daniels was averaging 15-16ppg when he was starting for the Pacers. I felt that he was also underrated in the Mavs-Heat finals series in 2006.  Daniels is a good back up for Pierce and he can play the 2 spot and fill in for Ray Ray as well. He also played a bit of PG in Indiana. I feel that he can work well with our second unit. Daniels is a good/decent slasher(In my opinion) so we can make him slash to the basket and either kick it out toRasheed/Tony Allen on the 3pt line or Davis in the paint.




Speaking of second unit, our second unit looks amazing. 

PG: House

SG: Tony Allen

SF: Daniels

PF: Davis

C: Rasheed

The Celtics sure made some great moves this off-season. Do you guys feel that we're ready for this season? I do. Not only that, but I am really excited for this season. Lets keep our winning tradition alive and burning. Let's pray that our guys can stay healthy.

Go C's!

I'd also like to take this time by saying "Hi!" to everyone here since I am new and this is my first fan post. Hi guys!

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