T-Mobile is Sponsoring CelticsBlog!

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile

Exciting news for CelticsBlog, we have been chosen, along with five other NBA blogs, for sponsorship from T-Mobile.   Now, you may ask what that means for you, the reader....

Well, it means that we were chosen because T-Mobile is the official wireless sponsor of the Celtics, they felt that CelticsBlog is an important outlet for Celtics fans to discuss the team and interact, and they want to reach out to us NBA fans.  Really its a kudos to all of you who have helped us develop this site into a wonderful online community for Celtics fans.  

However, most importantly, it means that T-Mobile is providing us with tickets to give away for upcoming games, including this coming Monday.  I'll repeat that:  

T-Mobile is providing us tickets to give away for upcoming games, including vs. the Mavericks on Monday

In addition to the ticket give aways, they will also sponsor a new weekly feature, T-Mobile Player of the Week, which we will debut next Monday.   You will also notice some new T-Mobile ads on the site in the coming days.  

The ticket giveaway details follow below the jump.  

Bumped this up as we will accept entries for the next hour.   "Answers" after midnight will be excluded from the drawing.  


We will be holding a trivia contest for each of the give aways, the first is below.  

We have 10 sets of two tickets to give away for the upcoming matchup versus the Dallas Mavericks on Monday, January 20 at 8pm.    

The rules are simple.   We will run a trivia question, you answer in the comments.  SB Nation staff (i.e. not Jeff, myself or any other Celticsblog staff) will randomly select 10 winners from the comments.  We will hold the contest open until midnight tonight and will announce the winners in a subsequent post.   Tickets will be held at Will Call in your name, and SB Nation will help you coordinate the pickup.  Other questions drop me an email. 

Here is the Trivia Question:

1.) Which of the following Celtic players did NOT win Rookie of the Year
Larry Bird
Kevin Garnett
Dave Cowens
Tommy Heinsohn

Put your answer below in the comments.  If you see that someone has already answered, that is ok, we are picking 10 winners randomly, so the 1st guy in the pool is not the winner.   Please only 1 entry and account per person (I will delete repeats).  

The next trivia contest will run on Monday/Tuesday, for the January 25th game versus the Clippers.

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