2nd game of a back to back blahs

Way back when, at a time when the season was just getting underway, I raised the subject of the potential effects on the Cs of the back to back games; that they would be tired, less inspired, and would be playing with a lot less energy, owing mainly to the aging of our ' big three' starters and R.Wallace.

Although they're not the 'over the hill gang' -yet, they have collectively lost at least a half-step, and that should be taken into account during the grind of a season like this, where they've just gone through not just a back to back, but two back to backs in a five day period.

 Let's also take into account that two main links -K.Garnett and R.Wallace- have been missing in action, and are sorely missed, not to mention Daniels, who had been helpful prior to his injury. Glen Davis still hasn't made a complete recovery from his injury, and is still not in the best  condition.

 My point is, that some of these second games should be used to reduce the minutes of Allan and Pierce, particularly when it appears they're having a bad game, and let the youngsters play more. It will give them some much needed experience and exposure to enable the oaching staff to better evaluate them, and give Ainge more of an impetus to make a couple of changes before the trade deadline to shore up a couple of positions.

 This is not the time to have Pierce and Allan pushing close to 40 minutes a game- they'll be double-teamed anyway- well, perhaps not Allan right now, as he seems to be going through an up and down phase [ more down than up]. This is the time to let the bench get down and dirty, and bring some added energy into the game, and to show us whether or not they can cut it.

 Hopefully, Doc Rivers [ who by his own admission, isn't a doctor ] will give the team some much needed medicine and give them a change of pace in these back to backs.



Lionel Gaffen/Fotomix.


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