While I Was Sleeping

So I'm back from vacation.  I was in a tropical location with very limited access to the internets and TV and I needed a mental vacation anyway, so all I got was a couple of scores and a good deal of Haiti coverage.  So getting back in front of a computer feels a little like waking up out of a coma (Not that I've ever experienced that, so how would I know? And I'm guessing that a person in a coma would rather be sitting on a sunny beach with crystal blue water and a light breeze, but I digress).

So reading through the blog and skimming through the thousands of article titles in my RSS reader, here's what I think I've missed.

  • Rondo messed around and got a triple double - perfect timing for his bid to become an All Star
  • Wallace hurt his foot (back tonight) and Pierce banged his knee - Ed Lacerte seen weeping
  • Doc got tossed against ATL and Coach Thibs didn't make a single substitution - several GMs just crossed him off their short list for this offseason
  • KG will be back sometime in the next 10 to 14 to 40 to 400 days, give or take
  • KG talks a little bit of trash, ...who knew?
  • We routed the Nets - New Jersey apparently is putting Harris on the trade block and will sign Mark Madsen to take 3 pointers the rest of the year
  • The curse of Deng struck Pierce once again and we lost to the Bulls (I kind of expected a 2-2 record while I was gone considering the injuries and the back-to-backs)
  • The Nate Robinson rumor popped up again - as did my gag reflex
  • Ainge still hasn't made a trade
  • All Star voting is still messed up and Eddie House wants to compete in the 3 point contest (in part to officially wipe the memory of Antoine's appearance in 2003 off the books as the last C's player to participate)
  • Gilbert situation is still newsworthy.  Tiger Woods sent him a thank you card.  Cue the Arenas image reformation and comeback attempt stories in about 2 to 3 months.
  • Also, McGwire finally came clean and a Conan v. Leno squabble is apparently really big news.
  • Glad to see the TMobile giveaways have started already. Stay tuned for more from them soon.

So, what else did I miss?  Get me up to speed.  Thanks.

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