KG Mystery: 3 Years In A Row

January 25, 2008 - KG jumps, lands, appears in pain. No visible cause of injury, no body twisting, nothing unusual whatsoever. Diagnosis we are given: abdominal strain. Ok, makes sense, it's possible to get an abdominal strain without a visible causative event. Result: KG out 3.5 weeks.

February 19, 2009 - KG jumps, lands limping. He was all alone when he jumped, and did not land awkwardly or badly. Diagnosis we are given: complicated. For a long time, the press reported it as a "strain". Then, KG's agent went on the air (we actually heard the interview) and said that KG had "loose cartilage" in his knee plus a strain. Eventually, we were told that he had surgery to repair "bone spurs". Why his agent said what he said was never resolved. Result: KG came back temporarily, but then missed the rest of the season.

Now - KG has some hard plays, but no specific injury we have seen. Once again, he is taken out suddenly and for some unspecified injury... first a "thigh bruise", then "hyperextension". Nobody has seen KG hyperextend either leg, but that's what we are being told. Result: The latest indications are that KG will be out another 10 days.

Kevin Garnett has been in Boston for 3 years, and in EACH of those years, he has had a mysterious injury. In EACH case, nobody saw anything that could have caused the injury. In EACH case, it was sometime in the December/January/February time frame. In EACH case, KG does not come to games... except that last year he eventually did come, but only after a hue and cry rose from the blogs and press about the issue.

Last year I theorized that KG might have signed some kind of back deal with the Cs that allowed him to take several weeks off in the middle of the season. Yes, it was far-fetched, maybe even ridiculous -- but it was one of the few explanations that matched the known facts. But then KG ended up out for the year (albeit with mixed messages as to why), which shoots that theory down.

But now... once AGAIN... KG is out with ANOTHER unseen injury, and AGAIN we are being given changing, mixed messages about the reasons. AGAIN, his time out is getting stretched longer, with one new excuse after another.

Look, I'm a huge fan of the KG I think I know. I believe he is who he seems to be, and I love it. But then come these injuries, year after year, same pattern repeated over and over, always mysterious, never a complete explanation, and NEVER ANY VISIBLE CAUSE of injury. Think about that: we've NEVER seen KG actually GET injured. So I wonder. Something is wrong here, but I can no longer figure it out.

I can only be reasonably sure of one thing: Something is not right here. They're lying to us over and over. And there is SOMETHING behind these events. To explain these past THREE years' events as pure coincidence... is not acceptable. Not without better proof than we have. I.e., the onus of proof has moved onto the Celtics - by virtue of the strange and unexplained patterns of repetition regarding KG's mysterious "injuries" - to explain what is really going on. Only by coming COMPLETELY CLEAN about every aspect of these injuries, including the COMPLETE STORY of what is going on right now, can the team wipe away the suspicions that must now arise from the history we know.

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