new seasons..

1st. its good to have the basketball season starting, i like hearing that camps have begun, players are working, teams are finishing up the roster spots.. the new d league rule is great. i think the number should be at 5, but they are growinging slowly.

off season thoughts- at first i wanted youth and rebuild! i thought if they signed morrow, redick, made some trades for younger players and start the rondo led era now it would help them more than hanging on.. but after they have brought in west, o'neal (both of them), wafer, bradley, harangody, semih. brought back nate, daniels. and obviously ray and paul. i'm slowly gaining that confidence as a fan that this team has what it takes.

my look at the rosters of the 4 teams that will contend-

la- with bynum already injured they dont have much front court depth. i understand pau and odom are there. and they brought theo ratliff in, but he isnt what he used to be. and who knows how healthy he'll be in a long playoff run. i understand that  they won it last year, but they did it with size... the c's have added JO, shaq to help KG, perk, davis. and have semih able to help if needed..

orlando- i feel doesnt have the back court to beat boston. they proved last year that nelson and carter had problems keeping up with rondo and ray. they needed barnes on the court to help them, well barnes is in LA and q-rich doesnt play d. nate, west, daniels are a tough bench to keep up with for jwill, redick and company.

miami- i understand the lack of TA will hurt playing vs wade and lebron.. what i dont get is all the love for bosh. am i the only one who see's bosh as a little brother who was only signed to get his big brother to play also? bosh has never made the playoffs, and for a while the east was terrible!! he couldnt get them into the first round? if you are a max player in the league you should atleast be able to take a team on your back and force your way into the playoffs. pierce did, kg did, shaq, kobe, lebron, wade, melo, duncan, nowitzki, nash, durant, iverson, kidd, ewing, barkley, robinson, ray allen, payton, joe johnson all have in there careers. some farther than they should have gotten, last year rose &  jennings did more for there teams than bosh did in toronto. gerald wallace, stephen jackson got charlotte in! dont give me toronto was to young because look at okc, memphis, portland. 2 of them made the playoffs. and portland was injured at key positions! .. the fornt court of the heat is where teams will attack! big z, howard, haslem, anthony & bosh will have as tough of a season as they ever have, but because lebron and wade are as good as they are no one will say anything. and it will be the same thing every year that lebron plays "deep team, great team" but when the playoffs start its he needs help. and this year it will be because of bosh not playing well vs kg, who plays vs shaq? the size of the c's and lakers will be a big issue for the heat!          who will play vs howard for them? c's have shaq, perk, jo. la has pau, bynum, ratliff. miami is comfortable with howard, big z, haslem. i like howard i'm a big michigan sports fan but he is a 10 min player at this stage!  miami made the mistake of not going after boozer for less money instead of bosh.

the fourth team to me is dallas- i think a full year with butler, haywood, dirk, terry, marion, kidd, chandler and company can cause issues for the lakers. they could run those 7 out there and it would cause problems. and with mad mark running the ship i'm sure they will make a trade to help out even more. i think they are the only issue the lakers will have this year. okc doesnt have the front court depth yet. i thought bosh would have helped them more than him in miami. but dallas if healthy will be a big issue out west! the spurs will drop off a little more. portland and the rest dont have the depth yet or size!


with kg more explosive, and the depth in the frontcourt, i think the celtics will have more in the tank late in the season. hopefully daniels and bbd are consistant. d-west stays away from ray rays mom. nate brings the tempo!

i think the celtics understand nothing is won in the first 82 games. pace themselves, stay healthy and enter in as the 3 seed.

your thoughts on my thoughts?????

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