Glen Davis - Best 6th Man in the NBA

From Chris Thompson today at Bleacher Report:

Who is the best Sixth Man in the NBA? Is it Jamal Crawford? Is it Antwan Jamison? Or is it Ben Gordon?

Well, it actually isn't any of these. You would think big names like these would be the best sixth man in the NBA, but it is actually someone that not everybody knows. Some people call him Shrek. Others call him Big Baby. Now you should know who I am talking about.

Yes, Glen "Big Baby" Davis is indeed the best sixth man in the NBA. He brings so much to the Celtics off the bench. He brings hustle, skill, confidence, everything you would want from a star in the NBA. 

Well, why is Big Baby the best sixth man in the NBA? For one, he has great hustle. Hustle is a key asset to being a good NBA player. The other day, I was watching the Celtics vs the Knicks and there was a loose ball. Well, Glen Davis was pretty far away and there were like four Knicks surrounding the ball. This is where Big Baby showed his hustle. He dove for the ball and we got it back. That is what everyone likes in a player, someone who is willing to sacrifice their body for one possession.

Next, Glen Davis is very strong and can move his body really well in mid-air. When Big Baby jumps up for the ball, he doesn't just try to grab it, he will fight for it. He can rip the ball out of Dwight Howard's hands if he wants to; I've seen him do it. But another thing that amazes me about Glen is that he can move his body in mid-air really well for a big man. When he goes up for a shot, half the time he will have to adjust his body to get the shot he wants and it goes in 99% of the time. He makes it look so easy.

Last, Big Baby can shoot the ball well. When he is open for a jumper, defending players wish that they didn't leave him open because Big Baby has long range. He can drain those shots just inside the arch and I even saw him drill a three pointer against the Knicks on Friday. He can shoot very well for a big man.

So, Big Baby is the best sixth man in the league. You may be thinking, heck no, but that would be a bad thought. Glen Davis is way underrated and it won't be long until he earns a starting spot for the Boston Celtics

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