Celtic's plan of a deep bench is at the moment a very thin bench

Ok heading into the season we were all excited about how stacked and deep the C's would be with all the depth Danny added to the bench.

But at the moment....

With Shaq starting (and his firepower off the bench lost),

Jermaine hurt,

Erden hurt,

Bradley hurt

Nate in a slump probably due to a lingering shoulder injury

Delonte out for his suspension

The C's bench is thin and lacks firepower.

At the moment only 2 players are contributing and playing well off the bench in Baby and Daniels.

With Erden and Jermaine out injured the C's also do not have any big men with length coming off the bench and lack a back up center and long power forward coming off the its vital for those 2 players to return ASAP.

With Nate struggling due to his shoulder probably, Bradley out hurt and Delonte out serving his suspension the only guards basically contributing at the moment are Ray and Rondo (though Daniels is preforming some solid spot duty in the back court at times), so its vital for the C's to get Nate out of his slump, Delonte and Bradley back in action to help give Ray and Rondo some back up help ASAP

Having currently a bench with only 2 players contributing was not suppose to be the plan for the C's since they and the fans planned on having a bench that was stacked and deep with many players contributing….but injury's have unfortunately changed those plans at least for the short term.

The good news is this lack of bench depth should only be a short term problem and once Jermaine, Erden, Bradley all get healthy and return, Nate gets over his shoulder injury and snaps out of his slump, Delonte returns from his suspension.... we will finally get to see the deep bench with firepower that we have all anticipated seeing since the summer when Danny put them all together.

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