a couple thoughts on the new season..

two things come right to mind..

first a side note..

 can we all email espn and ask them to stop this heat index! its over kill. the lakers, bulls or celtics in the past never got one, why them?  they have already lost 2-3 games.  they will beat up on the nets, raptors, bobcats, clippers etc.. wow good for them. get your highlights in vs those teams!! 

 they messed up by bringing big z, house in instead of players like bogans, JO who play D. with wade and lebron playing 1-1 any way, get players who can get steals and blocks!

james jones seems to be a better fit than house is now. and not to mention mike miller will be back making house less needed. 

bogans would fit alot better playing d vs the rays, vince carters, kobe etc..

 they also would not need  specials plays ran for them to make an impact. as much as riley was smart for making this happen, he hurt them by not getting more d-minded players.

big z hasnt been an inside player in years, jo can still have a impact on d with rebounding and blocks. and with haslem there they could split the time.  milsap got 46?! nice D bosh & big z! that loss is on you 2. what happens when they play LA, boston, orlando in the playoffs with all the bigs those teams have. even the bucks with bogut will be an issue down low.. lebron and wade will get you past the bucks, hawks because they dont have the talent to slow them down.  

 they would have been better off with a boozer type player instead of bosh also. a player who has inside moves. and not trying to take 3 point shots to get his points.  

good luck in 2 years when lebron opts out because they cant get past the celtics and lakers!!  

..sorry about that..

A. the o'neals are a good fit, but are old and seem to have trouble staying healthy already.. SO, here is what i think- if luke isnt going to play at the pf/c. because of size/in-experience can they move him to a cleveland for a leon powe, who is now healthy and knows the system and players and doc knows how to use. leon has already racked up a bunch of dnp-cd. and has a bigger salary for that to happen. he can rack up minutes as the o'neals and perk rest for the playoffs. a salary dump/ see what you have for cleveland. boston gets a big. and more depth. (powe was just an example, doesnt have to be him. but it works for both treams)

 other bigs who may fit-

josh mcroberts, pacers- i hate him but has played well (indy most likely would say no), 

 joe smith, nets- old, but understands his limitations (knows kg, might be to old),

joey dorsey, toronto- undersized but a grinding big. rebounds. (better than collins)

jason collins, clippers- 7 foot veteran, wont need min. (best way to put it- he is a stiff)..

wait to see who gets released than send harangody to d-league and sign a big.. (i hope the o'neals make it that long)

i will say this. JO is better on D than i thought his help D is great. he is a shot blocker off the weak side. he will start to hit those jumpers once he is healthy. nice job getting him here. shaq seems to fit perfectly also his attitude hasnt been an issue, he's more of a team guy than i thought. understands its a long season and helps the young players more than i thought. worth the money also.

B. the bench- marquis is finally living up to his hype. i like it! nate will be better once d.west comes back, i hope. less pressure for nate to be a pg. if west is running things then nate can run around and find his grove instead of worrying about getting baby involved.. semih is a perfect fit to this team or any team. a back up who runs hard, plays d, rebounds and hits free throws. great pick that late in the draft 3 years ago. nice that they didnt give up on him and let him play over seas as long as he needed.. and once perk, shaq, jo are healthy it makes the bench incredibly deep.

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