Boston Celtics Daily Links  11/11

Herald  Jermaine sits, Shaq practices
Miami trying to live up to hype
Size matters against Heat
Both O’Neals hope to play tonight
Resilient Jazz rally yet again
Globe   Shaq practices, Jermaine sits
Heat thumbnails
Heat’s learning curve skids to halt at home
Big questions for O’Neals
Celtics’ Davis facing a tall orderCan’t stand the Heat

CelticsBlog    Both Shaq and Jermaine Could Sit Thursday
Latest Update on Perk's Rehab
A Brief Free Darko Book Review

Faith and Sports: An Essay

Celtics Life    Shaq and Doc check in after practice
Today's Video: The Rematch: Celtics/Heat Hype Mix
Taking Stock
Why does Joakim Noah hate KG so much?
Back to the Meaning of Sports
Celtics Green   Happy Veteran's Day!!
Celtics vs Heat Round 2
Dimemag    Kevin Love is destined to play for the L.A. Lakers
John Wall’s triple-double puts Rockets’ season on the brink   A Boston Institution
Evolution of the Point Guard
Celtics Town    C’s looking to add another big man?
Red's Army   Your Morning Dump... Where we guess which O'Neal will play
In Greece, this is a sign of affection
Celtics @ Mavericks G8 GreenLights
Big Baby Taking Charge
ESPN    No charity
Tag team
Heat exposure
Miami Heat again face Boston Celtics, questions about flaws
Noah dislikes Kevin Garnett
Practice report: Shaq returns, J.O'Neal sits
Charge it
Old man on the farm
Boston Celtics' O'Neals trying to get well for Miami Heat
New web series "Double Take" lets celebrities interview themselves
Defense will always be indicator for success
The Heat's bunker mentality
ProBasketball Talk   Miami still figuring out how to use Chris Bosh
Report: Hornets looking at trades, even called about Iguodala
USA Today   Joakim Noah not sending a valentine to Kevin Garnett
Heat look ahead to Boston following Utah collapse
Green Street    Irish Coffee: Why Miami is a fifth seed
Talking Hoops: Episode Three
CSNNE   Shaq returns to practice with Celtics
McHale: Celts defense is solid as ever
Heat have some holes in their front line
Thomsen: Heat are lacking toughness
Celtics Hub   Shaq and Jermaine Both “Unlikely” To Play vs. Heat?
Lex Nihil Novi    Larry v. Magic: Game 33
North Station Sports    The Real Big Three visit the Wanna Be Three in Miami
When the Heat is on, The Celtics Step Up
Celtics Town   Doc Rivers playing the Fab Four big minutes
Shaq practices, Jermaine doesn’t; both questionable for Heat game
Highlight Reel: Bill Walker destroys Andrew Bogut
One last time: On Rondo’s potentially game-winning three-point attempt
Gino's Jungle    2nd Miami Heat Matchup Not As Important
Why tonight's game is more important than opening night
Celtics Late Night Show  CLNS: Celtics Video Links For Those Who Like To Watch 11/10
Ask Dr. John: Now Listen Live Every Monday on CLNS
Hangtime Blog     About Last Night: Jazz Do It Again   Trading Steve Nash? It’s complicated
Heat Check: Bosh’s value is misunderstood
Shaquille O'Neal on pranks, nicknames, funniest people
Boston Celtics Report   Delonte West Two Games Away From Returning: Why This Is Huge For Boston
News OK   NBA rescinds technical foul called on Durant vs Celtics
MetroWest Daily    Another chance to beat Heat for Celtics
Miami Herald    Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers knows what Miami Heat is going through
Nashua Telegraph   Shaq may play for C’s tonight in Miami
Balk Talk   William Henry Walker? Yes, please.
Chicago Now    Joakim Noah REALLY Doesn't Like Kevin Garnett
WEEI     What to make of the Miami Heat?
Hoopsworld    Lakers Facing a Rare Challenge
NESN    Bulls Joakim Noah Says He Doesn’t Like Kevin Garnett, Calls Him 'Mean,' 'Ugly'
Celtics Live Blog: C's Head to South Beach for Opening-Night Rematch With Heat -

Celtics Look to Further Eastern Conference Bragging Rights in Miami

Does the Matchup Between Celtics-Heat Determine the Team to Beat in Eastern Conference ?
Shaquille O'Neal Enjoys the Sounds of Boston From His New Apartment (Video)
Celtics Know Blueprint on How to Beat LeBron James' Heat
Doc Rivers Prepares Celtics for Games Without Shaquille and Jermaine O'Neal
Terez Owens   Slam Dunk Champ Nate Robinson Was a Muscle Kid
Sports Then and Now    Boston’s Sixth Man: Glen Davis
AM Basketball    Celtics Begging Rondo to Take Open Shots
Journal Tribune    No hiding Harris' excitement
Mass Live    Celtics prepare for rematch with Heat
The Score    Shaq has a weird sense of humor
Fox Sports    RNBA rants and raves Kevin Garnett Baron Davis Chris Bosh

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