Celtics pride shows up after taking the weekend off

To my extreme dismay, I had to forego the pleasure of watching The Celtics annihilation of the Hawks owing to a previous commitment to be awakened at 7a.m. for a police assignment [ the game over here only starts after 2:30 a.m., and  lasts until anywhere up to 5:30 a.m. ++, and I did need some Zs before reporting for duty ].

 It was a distinct pleasure going over the results of the game, which showed a total domination of a team that had beaten our Cs four times last year in the regular season.

 A combination of pride and anger can be an intense motivational factor, and  apparently this is what finally happened.

 Hopefully, this combination can be bottled and poured out prior to each game, with each member of the team getting a good pick-me-up.

 Unfortunately, I had no such prior commitments for the weekend games, and was forced to endure the torturous sight of my beloved Cs deciding to take a weekend vacation for the greater part of those two games [ oh, if I only had the foresight to know when to take a vacation as well from watching, it would have been much better for my health - the blood pressure has a tendency to go through the roof during extended periods of abysmal play, and since I'm already almost bald, I can no longer tear out tufts of my hair during these periods ].

 Now that we're on a one game roll, here's hoping that the P and A [ prideful and angry ] Cs show up during the next few games [ both for the sake of the standings , and the state of my health ].

 On another note, it was nice to see the Heat getting beaten up yet again [ our old friend, E. House had a zero night, after having a big game previously -still hot and cold; while another old friend, J.Posey helped in the victory against the Heat. Suffice to say, that Nate Robinson is turning out to be another of D.Ainge's better moves, when he traded for House [ although House was there for us, when we needed him ].


Lionel Gaffen / Fotomix

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