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It's been quite a while since I've been able to sit down and write anything about my beloved Cs, which dates all the way back to the horrendous finish of the seventh game of that final- I have to admit that shellshocked would be a fair way to express how I felt at the time, and for most of the following months, which should give you some idea about  my feelings, when it comes to the Celtics losing.

 That said, I have to admit that Danny Ainge did a superlative job over the summer by retaining the services of Pierce ,Allen and Doc Rivers and strengthening the bench on a very, very limited budget. The O'Neal tandem will certainly help us bring a belated banner # 18, and I'm certain that Delonte West, [ if he stays on his meds ] will add a great deal of stability to a potentially lethal 2nd unit [ all of this  will of course depend on the state of the health of  this aging squad of veterans ]. To date, we've already experienced a rash of injuries, which throws the timing off of some of the team.

 Now that I'm actually able to watch every game, thanks to Firstrow, etc.,  [ or almost every game, as it sometimes becomes difficult to stay awake until almost five a.m. over here for most games ] I'll be able to comment on what I actually see during the season.

The last few games have been tough to watch, as the Cs have squandered leads time and again, but have somehow managed to win, a close call against N.Y., and the last two overtime games.  Defensively, at times, when the 2nd unit is in, there seems to be a real disconnect to the plays that are taking place, but that will likely change when Shaq gets back, and when West's punishment will be over.

My comments last season about the second game of back to backs holds even truer this year, with the veterans now a full year older [ it'll be a really tough ride for them the second game ] and we'll likely see that in the coming two away games. Hopefully, they'll come away with at least one win.

If Rondo does have plantar faschitis, I hope it's a really mild case, as I've experienced it myself, on more than one occasion, and was reduced to using crutches for a week on one occasion.

I've finally reached the point where I no longer have to shut the tv or computer down when I see a Lakers celebration from last year, [ more or less ] and am looking forward to banner no. 18 - GO CELTICS.



Lionel Gaffen/ Fotomix



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