i love trades, trade talk

these orlando moves have me excited. i love pro sports trade talk, and trade possiblities.. and i dont think orlando improved the team. unless they trade again. but this could change the nba depending on what the wizrads do. and if the suns are done also. now there is nash talk. etc..

if washington wants to move lewis. either to get a young chip to put next to wall or just to get out of his money..  i think these teams would do a trade.

houston- they now have 17 mil of yao's expiring deal. plus young chips like patterson, buddinger

denver- kenyon martins expiring 18 mil contract plus some draft picks. shows melo they care plus sets denver up for after he leaves.

new jersey- troy murphy's 12 mil expiring deal plus johan petro, damion james and a draft pick.. gives the nets lopez, favors, lewis, humphries on the front court... washington gets cap space, james, a pick and a back up center for javale.

Indy- dunleavy and tj ford. draft pick.. for lewis. granger, collison, hibbert and lewis would be a good start for a building team. dunleavy and ford are expiring deals. and jim o'brien likes bigs who can shoot those 3 pointers. thanks for letting A.Walker become a outside player instead of becoming an all around player jimmy!!! waist of talent!

the warriors- monta ellis, vlad radmanovic for lewis.. tells curry its his team. replaces montas scoring. gives wall a fast back court mate that can score any way possible. plus free's 6-7 mil with vlads expiring money. 

utah- AK, plus draft picks may intrest utah. gives the wiz cap space. AK a fresh start. plus AK with howard, thornton and blatche in washingto is a lot of interchangable parts... gives utah a outside shooter to play along side big al, milsap, d.williams. replaces the lack of outside shooters they lost in korver.

sac-town- cousins, udrih and thompson for lewis, armstrong, yi, seraphin. reunites wall with cousins. blatche, cousins, javale, thompson would be reall solid. evans gets a shooter to play with finally. plus they cash in on yi being a chinese player closer to to china.

the trade also free's up a player(s) that i hope boston asks about-

jared dudley. a good deffender at the 2 and 3 and small/quick 4's. (odom, lewis, dirk, charlie v).  would a harangody, von wafer and a draft pick work? gives them another wing to back up PP. allows daniels to be another back up at the point. gives boston size. von and luke wont play anyways. jared could deffend lebrum, wade, gallinari, probably even bosh and felton. he is also low money. played at BC so he's already comfortable in the area

pietrus- another wing who cand deffend 2's and 3's. lets face it. JO has been an upset. with perk, shaq returning. semih playing better than every one expected. getting another wing who can shoot and deffend. who also has played vs the wades and james'. while knowing howards tendencies and orlandos plays couldnt hurt to trade JO away to get him. add jared dudley to to the trade and that helps even more. i dont phx gives up both but who knows.. i never believed kg could be a celtic...

i know i'm not the only one who likes trade talk and possible moves!!! what else??

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