Trades possble team Tweaks

I Like our Squad i really do for the first time i was a fan of Von wafer i liked what he did for us  he played tough showed heart and showed competitive spirit against the sixers even though he played next to no minutes  our team is  pretty good i like the fact its not even at full strength and has the second best record in nba i have taken the liberty  of creating two lists consisting of solid  rotation players and the question marks

Solid Rotation

Rajon Rondo

Ray Allen

Paul pierce

Kevin Garnett

Kendrick Perkins 

2nd unit

Delonte West

Nate Robinson

Marquis Daniels

Glen Davis

Shaquille O'neal

 with Semih Erden

semih erden is a solid player in my eyes shown he can stick it with the big guys shown more heart than JO and  i like him  i like the idea of shaq being in the 2nd team he has a different game to perk and his offense would be much better served in the middle of games with a more potent second unit  i think the second unit could be a effect 5 lower the big three minutes and still pretty good both defensively and offensively but chemistry has to be built first i guess 


Avery Bradley and Luke Harogody  are within the question mark list becuase they're young and they honestly just need time 

Jermaine o'neal and Von Wafer therefore are the only guys i think the cs should try to part with a back-up 3 slash 2 would be necessitated  and if a young player named luke or avery has to be chucked in id do it in a heartbeat the celtics are a now team they can deal with the repercussions in 3 years when the cs have 1 or 2 championships  a player that comes to mind is stephen jackson and i personally think michael jordan would deal for JO and von  greatest player to play the game not such a great GM  and then if this deal goes through ask a certain wallace to return to basketball......his name escapes me ,,,,,,,,very likely to get a techinal foul  heck of a player but most importantly heck of an competitor 


Jermaine has a month until i completely cut off from him he just has set back after set back i don't think it was the flu i think it was  the jitters 

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