lebron puts foot in mouth again..

he recently said the leagues was watered down and wants the league to go back to how it was in the 80's. stars all every team. get love out of minnesota, lopez, harris out of miami. and now this...

"That's crazy, because I had no idea what the word 'contraction' meant before I saw it on the Internet," James said after the Miami Heat's practice Monday. "I never even mentioned that. That word never even came out of my mouth. I was just saying how the league was back in the '80s and how it could be good again. I never said, 'Let's take some of the teams out.' "


he had no idea what the word contraction meant.. come on lebron. either dont talk or stand by what you say!!! did you not go to college because you were stupid or because you were good at ball?

 i actually agree with him on this... i dont think the la clippers and t-wolves should be around. they have always been terrible. the nets are finally moving out of NJ. they should put the bobcats in vegas.. jordan ownes a team in vegas, golden!!   the clippers and t-wolves talents get put into a waiver wire draft. the worst team gets pick 1 the 'best' team gets the last pick aka 28th. blake griffin or kevin love next to wall? beasely next to lopez in brooklyn? gordon playing with evans in sac town? kaman in memphis? who would the lakers and celtics take?  

but! since lebron has left cleveland he has been trying to welcome the role of douche. makes the stupid commercial. never thanks the fans in cleveland. trying to get coach spo fired. now this. lebron if your a douch fine. just go all out and be one. 


the best come back.. was from avery johnson-   

"Maybe the league would be better if we didn't have three stars on one team," Johnson said in a veiled reference to the Heat's trio of James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

nice. i think mst people know how i view bosh.. he is NOT a top talent. he is not a number 1 player for a team. toronto finished above .500 just 1 time when he was there. they made the playoffs 2 times. and its not like they were out west. the east was terrible for most of those years.

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