my way around contraction.. send it to the commish!!!!

since the league wont contract teams. and lebron doesnt know what that is. here is my honest way way of getting around the issue of the watered down product.

the league keeps the amount of teams. and they allow high school players to enter right after they graduate. but here is what they change. instead of a 2 round draft. its now 3 rounds.
when a players is drafted in-

round 1 - the nba team cant send him to the d-league unless they are injured and need rehab starts.  meaning if a team drafts a player like thabeet (memphis picked him 2nd overall over players who could have helped right away) they are to stay on the roster. basically taking away the 'project players' jerome moiso, kedrick brown, joe forte come to mind. but if a player gets injured after being drafted during a preseason or regular season game (blake griffin, avery bradley) they can send him to the dleague to rehab.. but he still counts as one of the 15 players on the roster.

round 2 - are players who can play in both the d-league and nba during the season.. players like luke harangody, dexter pittman type players who have either gotten injured the last year of college or need playing time to continue to develope. another example are high school players. but could also help the nba team at some point during the season. these contracts acts as 10 day contract to fill in for injured players on the main roster.. the team can also release a player off the 15 man roster and can make these players a main roster player. which would cancel his d-league availability.   

round 3 - are only d league players. for a mandatory 1 year (season) period.. after the first season ends these are players who can play in both the nba and d-league.  aka

year 1 is only d-league, doesnt count against the nba roster. for the mandatory first season.

year 2 is both, nba and d-league. can go back and forth to fill out the 15 man roster if a player gets injured.

year 3 is an option year. if a players option is picked up this player is now only a nba player. players like  d'sean butler who got injured his senior year at west virginia. but was drafted by miami. than later cut to fill out the roster. so the team could now draft him in round 3. let him get healthy and play in the d-league while not counting against the nba roster. but his rights are now owned by the nba team that drafted him. like a high school baseball player playing in college. also be a good round for europeans to be drafted. players like semih who can stay on the eurpoean team and develope. 


i think this idea is perfect. helps every one involved. high school players can enter the draft. BUT if a player like kg, kobe, bynum, howard come out teams can draft them at any point.. but if teams are uncertain they can wait till rounds 2 or 3. see what the player can do on the court during pre season. than decide if he is a nba ready player.  the same can be said about euro players..

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