"A memo to KG" (& our beloved C's)

- In 2009 in Utah, Pierce lobbed an alley-oop to KG resulting in that devastating injury that took KG out for the season.

- Luckily this year, we avoided another devastating loss which was almost caused by another alley-oop lob.

- The bottom line: KG needs to be grounded from here on out just like last year when we avoided alley-oops to him.

-  And though it will drastically affect his offense since alley-oops has been KG's game since his arrival to the NBA, 

   we better play it safe if we really want to get that 18th & quite possibly, 19th banner.

- After all, KG still contributes BIG-TIME in so many ways even if the alley-oop is taken away from him.

- Also, we now have so many other offensive weapons inside that we really don't need to risk another devastating injury to

  KG (via all those alley-ops) unlike in years past where he was our only weapon down low.

- Moreover, he's 34 yo & so, a ground game is really best for him nowadays since he can make the jump shot anyway.

- Of course, a lot of C's fans out there will disagree saying "let him play his game or else, you take away his effectiveness" 

- Still, the main goal is banner 18 which the C's surely WILL NOT accomplish if KG's out once again.

- Overall, it's better to have a jump-shooting KG like last year than no KG at all come the play-offs.

- Let Shaq take care of the offense down low where he's really good at - & he usually doesn't need alley oops to score.


*As a #1 Laker-hater in the world, I always wonder why this kind of thing doesn't happen to Pau Gasol especially the last 2 years.  (Never mind this year since it's obviously a "down year" for LA after winning back to back.)  It's either "lady luck" is with LA or the basketball Gods favor them.

But the truth is - Pau's game is rooted on the ground, he doesn't do alley-oops & that's why he's not injury prone.

As for Dwight Howard, he's so young that he can jump all he wants like KG in his younger years. But once he's past 30, Dwight's legs will also start breaking down that it's really just a matter of time.     

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