The Sky is falling, the sky is falling

" The sky is falling, the sky is falling " and the Celtics are collapsing ; at least, that is what one would believe after reading the majority of comments after a losing game, or even a game that was a close, but ugly win. One would think this is the team that was playing in 2006 -7, when there was justifiable reason for all the negativity.

Please, folks, let's put things in perspective.

The starting center for the team, Perkins, has not played this season at all.

The all star point guard, Rondo, has been injured for much of the season, and has been playing injured, until his last injury, which has now sidelined him for the past seven games, and hopefully, for another few games, until he's healed [ we don't want another Brandon Roy, right ? ].

The replacement center Shaq- an aging, but future hall of famer, is limited today, in the number of minutes he can give to the team [ about 15-20 per game ] with the hope he'll be healthy when it really counts- the PLAYOFFS.

The other replacement center / power forward, by the same surname as the aforementioned, a former all star, has been injured and out for nineteen games, and has just recently re-joined the rotation. As evidenced by this last game, he is slowly regaining his timing, which takes a while, after being out for more than 1/2 the games already played.

The back up point guard/ shooting guard, West, has a broken wrist, and had played only a handful of games, prior to his injury.

The replacement point guard, Robinson, is not a true point guard, and will never be one- he lacks court vision - either you have it, or you don't. He never will.

Once West returns, Robinson can come off the bench as a volatile shooting guard, which is his true function.


As for Daniels, he's already backing up three positions, and has been pretty effective, as of late, but he's needed more as a key back up to Pierce and Allen, so that they can get some much needed rest.

In spite of this rash of injuries to KEY PERSONNEL, the team has managed to play remarkably well, and even managed a 14 game winning streak along the way.

Now Garnett has gone down with an injury, that should keep him out of the line up for a couple of weeks, and possibly more.

His back up, Davis, is now the starter, but let's face it- he's Garnett's back up for a reason; while Davis has been great off the bench, he's no Garnett, and never will be.

We have now lost a couple of games, that under ordinary, for us , circumstances [ where only a third of the team is out with injuries, it seems ] we could have, or should have won- one being a two point loss, owing to a few missed plays.

Until Rondo and Garnett return, and are playing at full speed again, expect some more losses like the last few along the way, particularly with all the back to backs coming up.

As it is, Allen and Pierce are playing extended minutes, as right now, there are NO NORMAL rotations. Doc Rivers has to make constant adjustments on a day to day basis, which means that there is no continuity to any of the rotations, as most of these made up rotations don't get the chance to practice as a unit.

All that we can do, Celtics fans, is to try to understand and accept that with 3/5 OF THE STARTING LINE UP sidelined, and subs taking their place, that the team can not function as a championship team. Let's face it- the sky is not falling.




Lionel Gaffen / Fotomix.




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