Rondo's injury and the defeat of the mighty Nets

Decided to give my 2 cents in a rare serious post.

A lot has been made of late of Rondo's foot and hammy injury. A little less so in the light of a couple of very strong wins. But still the discussion is there.  The story as to why Rondo didn't dress against the Nets is that Rondo came to Doc and said "Doc, I can't play."

I'm betting that what actually happened went something like this:

Doc: How you feelin Rajon.

Rajon:  I'm sore, but it's all right.

Doc:  Okay, that's good, thing is, this is the Nets. I can't say to the press that we didn't need you to play for us to beat the Nets, because that wouldn't be nice.

Rajon: Not very sportsmanlike coach.

Doc:  That's right. So what I need you to tell me is that you're too sore to play all right.

Rajon:  But I'm all right, I can play.

Doc:  It's the Nets.

Rajon: That's what you said about the Raptors a couple weeks ago though.

Doc:  I know I did, I know I did, but we got them back in the second game.

Rajon:  I mean I like the new kid, but he hasn't gotten to practice a lot.

Doc:  Did I mention we're playing the Nets.

Rajon:  And Delonte just got his wrist fixed, I mean he can't even hit buttons on his phone.  I don't know how he's getting texts to Lebron's mom.

Doc:  I know there are injuries and I'm worried about them, especially after last year. That's why I want to give you some time to rest that leg so you can be at full speed when we play the Lakers.

Rajon:  All right coach, if that's what you want.

Doc:  Good man (slaps Rondo on the back)

1 hour later

Doc to press:  Rondo came to me just a little while ago and let me know that he wouldn't be able to play tonight. I told him I was worried, he's one of the guys that makes our ball club go. And we've got a lot of respect for the Nets, they're a really good ball club. But the most important thing is that he be healthy in the playoffs.



Okay, so not as serious as I had originally intended. But from looking at the games where Rondo has sat they've been games against weak clubs that don't have great point guards (with exception to Toronto, Calderon is very good and doesn't get enough notice. He's not an elite point guard, but he's definitely in that second traunche). All the games where Rondo has sat have been games where you could argue that Boston's bench would beat the other teams starters, or at least make it a close game. 

I have read a fair few comments regarding Bradley's lack of playing time, despite injuries to the position. And I've got a few opinions that you may or may not agree with.  Sprains take longer to fully recover, you have to keep from asking them to do too much while they're recovering, like sure you've got to walk around and keep it moving so it doesn't get tight, but you've got to be very careful about explosive movement because you'll set yourself back weeks if you're not careful.  Muscle injuries are tougher because muscle injuries come in more shapes and sizes. With a sprain ligaments tore, takes a while for that to get back.  Muscle injury it might be that it got over stretched, or over exherted so it gets fatigued faster or you've got more limited range of motion.  From the times when I've tweaked muscles, my experience has been once I get warmed up, I'm good as long as I don't get to cute.  But then once I cool it back down, that's it for the day, because once the muscle tightens up it just takes too long to get it loose again.  I really think that's what we're seeing with Rondo.  I may well be wrong. But that's what I'm seeing.  And a coach, organization or player would not be the one to say to the press that they felt they could rest that player because of the general weakness of the opposition.  I think that's why Rondo's original break was as long as it was. And I think that's why we didn't see him against the Nets (The Nets are much improved from last year, they really are, but they're still the Nets.)

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