The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of Kevin Garnett

After watching our Celtics deliver a thrashing to the Denver squad last night [ ending at close to 5 a.m. over here ] I was intrigued to see K. Garnett move swiftly over to the Denver side and appear to embrace and exchange words with George Karl.

Only in today's reports from a number of sources, including Celtics Blog's Jay King, did I ascertain that Garnett was making an apology to Karl, with regard to the ' Cancer ' statements that were blown out of all proportion by the media, that stemmed from an on court incident, that should have stayed there.

Off the court, Garnett appears to be a gentleman, a devoted family man and a decent human being, [ from the little I've seen and read of his personal life ]. This is the Dr. Jekyll side of his personality [ recently, there was an excellent, albeit short lived tv program emanating from the UK on the subject, using a modern version of the descendant of Jekyll- Hyde, two men who share the same body, one a devoted family man, and the other, who can become a raging maniac with incredible strength and agility. ]

On the court, is there any doubt that Garnett becomes a totally different person- the Hyde in his character, so to speak? His on court actions and antics demonstrate the change that he seems to undergo whenever he approaches the confines of a basketball court.

Although he isn't a certified raging lunatic, he becomes like a person obsessed, and woe to anyone who approaches him the wrong way, whether opponent or even team mate, when he's in Hyde mode, particularly during a game [ I haven't seen any practices, so perhaps someone who has seen him at those times can add to this ].

He demonstrates not only heightened powers while on the court, but also turns into a snarling --in your face- pitbull, who looks as though he's gone into attack mode, who is ready to tear someone's head off, if need be, in order to win the game.

All I can say is, more power to our Mr. Hyde, during the games, as he is the one who lights the fire under the team.

 Let him be Dr. Jekyll before and after the games, but bring his Hyde persona to all our games, as he is our Mr. Hyde, and we need him to win banner no.18 at least.



Lionel Gaffen / Fotomix


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