Why not a Ray Allen for Amare Stoudemare straight up trade?

I heard rumors the Cavs may want him and am puzzled why we would let our rivals get him when we are in more dire need of such a player and can acquire him using Allen as trade bait.

Stoudemare is exactly the  young athletic power forward that  we need this year and would rebuild our front line with a stud of a player for years to come.

He would make a sic young duo up front with Perk and would really help the team remedy its rebounding woes.

If the Suns want to trade him so badly as is rumored and they want to dump his contract (which I believe  has 2 years more left on it)  why not send him to Boston?

He makes 16.5 million and can be sent to Boston along with another player off their bench for Ray Allen straight up who makes about 18.5 million.

Id prefer Stodemare come off the bench, but if he wants to start and its ok with KG to accept the role of super 6th man off the bench I think that would be fine.

At this point in is career, with his knee ailing him and the need for him to play less minutes anyway, I think moving KG to the bench would be a wise move short term and long term for the C's.

Its also not a bad idea I think to get a jump start on acquiring Garnetts eventual replacement since that move will have to be made sooner rather then later anyway.

This moves keeps our title window open not only this year but the next couple of years also.

Since we would have the following line up:

Starters: Rondo, House, Perk, Stoudamare and Pierce

Bench:  Ty Lue - (Activated), Daniels, Rasheed, Garnett , Tony Allen.

Baby , Walker.

I think that's a  pretty scary team that has a young starting core for the most part and has a very deep talented bench.

We still also have flexibility to improve even more by trading Scal and his valuable 2.4 million contract to fill in other team weak spots like a back up wing defender and can even dangle Baby as trade bait as well.

We can also sign players on the cheap through buy outs later in the year if we want to remedy other team weak spots that still exist or pop up, like if we need more point guard or shooting guard depth etc.

Danny may still have connections with the Pheonix organization after playing and coaching for them so who knows, is it possible such a deal is being contemplated  by Ainge?

Do you think such a trade is possible and if so is it good one to make?

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