The Cs don't depress me at all, but some of the so-called fan base does.

As a long time Celtics fan, one who has followed the team through the triumphs of the Bird years, and the subsequent trials and tribulations of the past two decades, [ mostly trials ] I have a hard time coming to grips with a certain segment of the so-called Cs fan base, who are constantly carping, whining and complaining about every incident that happens over the length of the season, particularly after a loss or more than one.

It took exactly one year for Danny Ainge and co. to turn the entire team around, after years of mediocrity and worse, in order for the Cs to raise banner no.17. Savour that.

 We missed out on no.18, or at least the chance to really compete for it due to a serious injury to K.Garnett last year, but it was still an excellent season, all told.

This season has had its share of ups and downs, and I won't go into all the details all over again, as they're well known to the entire fan base, which include a number of fluke and otherwise injuries and illnesses. In spite of the pitfalls and pratfalls that the team has been going through, we are still a winning team, and if the entire team can stay healthy for the balance of the season and reach the playoffs in good health, we will be able to compete with any of the top teams in the east and west, and will have a decent shot at winning no.18. What more can you possibly demand of a team?

We have potentially the finest starting five in the NBA, helath and injury apart, and potentially the finest bench as well, given the same parameters, which we have not as yet enjoyed this season.

I'm delighted that Ray Allan was not traded in the end, and look forward to the big three hoisting banner no.18, with the torch eventually being passed to Rondo, Perk, and whomever ever else will be in the mix in the coming years.

Eddy House was an excellent asset to the team for the past 2 1/2 seasons, and I'm saddened to see him traded, but hopefully the man who he was traded for, Nate Robinson, will be the spark that lights the fire under the 2nd unit, now that the health conditions have started to clear up.

Remember, when a player is injured and is out for a length of time, it takes time for his rythym to return to what it was before, and it takes time for a line or shift to gain back the tempo. Any player can have a bad game at any given time, and there is just so much criticism and negativity heaped upon a player or unit that is totally unneccessary.

Be positive and enjoy the balance of the season, as it looks to be a very interesting and hard fought one.



Lionel Gaffen/ Fotomix.

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