The Rasheed Wallace issue.



^ Rasheed just saw his numbers for this season ^


I've been hearing a lot about how people are mad about Rasheed's play. We all know the guy is a great player, he is a four time All-Star for goodness sake!

Sheed is most valuable when he put's his 6'11 self down on the post and shows off his ridiculous wingspan. He seems to know every trick in the book down low. He clears space with his hips, he gets guys guessing with pump fakes, and if a double team comes he can pass over about 90% of all players.

Wallace has been a legitimate 3 point threat, throughout his career he has been one of those guys who buries a 3 when you think your favorite team has come up with the game winning defensive stop. You'd say to yourself "We've got this in the bag! Wait why are they passing out there......CLOSE OUT CLOSE OUT CLOSE OUT!!!!!"  *Rasheed knocks down a 3 and you punch a hole in your drywall while your team calls a timeout down by 3 with one second left.*

So that's what Rasheed can be, but I'm going to explain what he's been lately.


Although the crafty veteran has calmed down on the T's he is still not focused. You'll find Sheed in the paint about as much as you'll see Kwame Brown signing a new contract. He settles for 3's and a lot of the time rushes them. He is lackadaisical AT BEST on defense, when he needs to step up to be the 2nd or 3rd man on the rotation you'll see him staring as Dwight Howard slams down a dunk.


I'm not saying signing Sheed was a mistake but he needs to pick up his game. Someone needs to tell him, Doc, KG, Ray, I don't care it just needs to e said. The guy is a great player and would be a huge piece to getting that ever so desirable banner 18, he just needs to get him game face on.


Comment, I'd like to hear what everyone thinks. Please no crazy trade ideas though, I personally think this team has all the pieces they just need to focus.

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