what next!!!

carefull, touchy subjects!

you have to be carefull on who gets the blame..  ALOT are saying DOC!  

if doc goes and this team doesnt improve, who gets traded? who gets fired? what next?   doc gets fired and jeff van gundy comes in, they win less games then this year... do you fire jvg?

fire aing? he built this team! didnt draft that well while having top picks. passed on players like rudy gay, brandon roy for lafrentz and telfair, wally,  ouch!  'hit' with powe, davis, rondo, perk. had to move big al, delonte west.  but if the kg trade and ray ray trade never happened, how ould you look at his tenure here??. 

if they dont win it all (at this point lets be honest, the chances are becoming less and less greater by the game) they keep doc and they try to move players for 'up grades' at key positions. who do they have to offer worth value? 

if they trade rondo you throw away the future big time.

perk? a decent chip, but also a d-leader of the future. known for his d vs howard= both are under 25. may need him to bother howard for awhile.

davis? outside of new orleans, would any other team see as much value as boston does? would he get as much in return? is where it gets to be a touchy subject.....

kg?  when brought in was the face of the team, the man who single handedly changed the attitude and thinking in boston.. not getting true value in return any more. not even sure minnesota would give up big al for the return of kg (at this stage of his career).. 

ray? his contract is up at the end of the season, makes more sense to resign for cheaper the just to let him walk. with out the trade at the deadlin i think they are going to do that. 

pierce? who is more appealing to teams trying to win now than any other player on the team... every one is in this love affair with pierce.. one of the last players to play his entire career with one team.  i love that he made them have some what of a shot at winning by him self for so long. i love that he won it all 2 seasons ago and was given the mvp award. i love that number 34 will be retired. but if they can't get a stud player in FA and they dont have the players to trade to aquire one with out giving pierce up. why should you not listen to offers for him. if a team drafting 2nd (for example we'll say the clippers) offer the rights to evan turner, craig smith who ever they want in round 2 and a future pick (turner is a future all star stud in my mind). then build around rondo, perk, turner. while having kg, ray here.

  ...not as 'touchy' but less likely to get any thing good in return...

wallace? good luck! or good luck getting any thing worth saying out loud.

nate? good luck? also a free agent

daniels? FA

ta? why would a team? FA

scal? good radio interview, good 14-15 man on the bench. not a player your going to give a sign and trade.. FA

 finley is closer to tommy seat then an all star seat...  FA

sheldon? there is a reason he is getting paid as little as he is?  dont forget,  he was taking with the 7th pick!!!

landry? incomplete info for us to know.

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