What I want to C-

Hullo all, 

as we start our 6 game homestand, i am of the opinion that this is the most crucial stage of our season, seeing how things have gone this year. The celtics are rounding things of nicely, and gelling together, this was eveident in the roadtrip. What the Utah loss emphasised was that there are still a few chinks in the armor, that need to be ironed out, but on the whole it was no biggie. 48 minutes is what we have struggled for, and come play offs with so much at stake i dont think that is going to be an isse- given that we prepare ourselves well these next 15 games.

Some observations:

First, the bench is starting to come together, nate needs to play off the pick and rolls more, he almost needs to play like a 2 while still bringing up the ball, TA and quisy can help with switching duties. Finely is a gem. 

Big baby is regaining his intensity, if he plays like he did last playoffs, we dont even need him to score, just contest the boards, and get fouled, and pick up a few charges on the way. 

the Truth, needs to decide if hes hot or not on any given day, not force it, if his shots are not dropping, he should just drive, everytime, drive, and force double teams...he is still a legit threat.

the rest know their roles pretty well, and just gotta keep doing what they are, maybe kg needs to be in the post a bit more, sheed def needs to be planted in the post. 

Shelden needs to get a go...hes got the rebouding and post ability...i think he can be really solid.

Oh and my last thought, share minutes between quisy and TA, TA is better defender, faster slasher but quisy can slash pretty good too, so Doc needs to utilise this to the max... 

We get all of this together, and #18 is a sure thing. Im excited...hope all of you are with me...! LETS GO GREEN!


Ps: we should push to win all 8 at home,practice makes perfect, that way when playoffs come, the garden is going to be an impregnable fortress, and we only need to win 1 on the road to win any series. Starting tonight! lets make mince meat out of mello and the nuggets....we gotta believe, this team is golden (and green) and this is our year. Champions '09-'10. 

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