Looking ahead on a lighter note.



Anyone else just get excited?


As we know the Celtics have the 19th pick in this years draft. Now considering the last few years we have been in the draft pick dump, this is a golden opportunity for the Celtics to start looking ahead to the future. The Celtics need to do a good job drafting if they want to make sure they don't want to that team that wins a championship with veterans, then they lose their veterans, then they are a crap team for the next 6 years.


You might be thinking "Were not going to get anything good, we have the 19th pick" but that's not true. Some notable players drafted at 19 are Zach Randolph and Jamaal Magloire. Not to mention countless players who have been drafted after 19 that end up as great NBA players. It's not all about just getting lucky and getting the steal of the draft, it's about working hard to find good players. The Celtics need to work out players that they think can be part of the teams future.


If you think about it, the Celtics really haven't done a good job drafting over the last couple of years. We traded away Randy Foye in 06, we were obsessed with Gerald Green's athleticism in 05 ( Now he's playing in Russia ), Joe Johnson was traded away in 02. Realistically, I would say our best recent draft pick was Glen Davis in the second round. 


The Celtics should look for a future SF or SG perferably a swingman, because in a few years the Big Three will be gone and our starting line up will look like this.


PG- Rajon Rondo

SG- ?

SF- ?

PF- Glen Davis

C- Kendrick Perkins


We really don't have any prospects to fill in once Ray and Paul leave. We can make sure we don't end up as a team who just keeps looking forward to next years draft, but we have to start making the right decisions starting now.


So let me know what you think! Any draft ideas? Leave comments and be respectful.

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