KG and Rondo are the keys to winning this series and this is why

They must dominate their matchups

I think KG and Rondo are the keys to the series. KG knows we need to turn lebron into a one-man show and beat them the same way we beat miami with wade shooting 60% from the field and averaging 34ppg/8apg/6rpg........ let lebron put up god-like numbers just like wade did, who cares? fact is we can win with him doing that.


KG needs to completely shut down antawn jamison. im talking COMPLETELY, just like he did to beasley. he needs to do to jamisn what tim duncan did to kenyon martin in the 2003 finals, COMPLETELY dominate the matchup on both ends, shut down jamison and limit him to less than 10ppg, stick to him like glue, block his shots, and then post him up and dominate him on the other end going over the top of him.

same thing with rondo on mo williams, completely dominate him the entire series, frustrate him to the point where he starts pressing. fullcourt him, dont even let him get the ball over halfcourt, make lebron have to bring the ball up just for them to get into their offense. mo williams will be shooting contested 3's the entire series, rondo is gonna absolutely domiate him.

then run random double-teams at lebron with ray allen coming off of anthony parker... if parker drops 30 pts in a game to be lebrons second option and beats us than more power to him, but doubleteam bron off the dribble with ray, let him + pierce swarm hiim and make him a jumpshooter, if he drives take a charge on him, make him pass to parker and if parker beats us we tip our cap


if we can do that, we will win. lebron will get no blame (he doesnt deserve any either) as he'll put up huge numbers, which will make losing more acceptable as his choking teammates get all the blame just like wade's did

and we will win as a team with more weapons that can score against good defense than they have as a oneman show. let lebron go off, play good d on him with pierce and send ray over for help as shaq and perk clog his lane, if parker beats us so be it....... and let rondo and kg completely shut down and dominate jamison and williams

thats the key to victory

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