I am so unhappy and so unsuprised by what I just saw. Call me harsh but the way we played in the second half was horrible. rondo goes to the bench and the rest of the team just turns the lights off. Nobody, Nobody had what it took to get the job done but everybody was tryin to do it by them selves

Ray Allen needs to either step up, or get out of Boston. The one guy with the best advantage and he couldnt make that one wide open three from the top of the key to give us a 2 point lead and a big boost and couldnt make much else either. Common Ray.

Paul Pierce had the courage to shoot but for some reason didnt have the ability to make shots. jumper after jumper came out, he couldnt get anything to go at the end of the game and was a no-show after his quick start.Common Paul how about some life after the 8 minute mark of the 1st quarter.

Kevin Garnett cant make a layup on a tip in, or you serious or are you serious. Defense was great but at the end of the game, you and your team mates didnt get it done. You had a double double but you kinda wasnt to be found at the end when we needed you on defense and offense

Kendrick Perkins on defense you were pretty good on shaq and you had good energy but you cant catch that pass that idk somehow hit you in the hands at the end of the game, common man really, and you cant secure a rebound either against shaq just watching him play volleyball with himself at the end of the game

Rasheed Wallace can you please, please, please remember how to score, you cant shoot ffrom 3, you cant knock down a wide open jumper, poor old man cant score on the post. Rasheed what can you do????????????????????????? besides go in there and miss key rebounds since you lazy and foul. You have more fouls than minutes it seems and most probably more fouls than pointss. Just like i wanna tell Ray, show up or get out of Boston

Rondo and TA i thought played pretty great and I also felt the refs were kind of one sided but that is no exuse for blowing an 11 point lead halfway through the 3rd. This team is the same old story. Jump out early, lose the lead, dont get stops or scores at the end

Bottom line for me, Celtics either win game 2 or the series is over. My faith in this team is barely alive inside of me and the last straw will no doubt be if we lose Monday night. We will either win and have a shot or lose and kiss the hopes and this team goodbye. I wont say I dont think they can win just yet, but if they want to win the series and keep me optomistic, then they better win Game 2.

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