LeBron Will Guard Rondo (And We Are Not Afraid)

LeBron is pulling the equivalent of the playground move where the best player on the other team is annoyed by the guy scoring all the points so he says with great bravado "I got this" and gets all pumped up to guard him.  Can't you just picture Rondo looking at him with a deadpan expression and blowing by him?  I can.  So can Doc.

Green Street " Doc: We don’t care who guards Rondo

"We don’t care who guards Rondo," Doc Rivers said Monday. "We’re going to still run our stuff. It’s not like we’re going to stop running our offense. We anticipated it. I’ve only talked about it for three games. We know it’s going to come at some point in this series. When it does we have to find a way of using Rondo and making sure he’s still the facilitator."

And here are some other links to pass the hours.

Green Street " Rondo takes on the big screen

Rondo has a cameo role in the upcoming film "Just Wright," a romantic comedy about a basketball player starring Common and Queen Latifah, which opens in theaters on Friday. "I’m friends with Common," Rondo told WEEI.com. "He asked me if I wasn’t doing anything, there was a basketball movie and he would try to get me a part in it, and he did."

Green Street " Pierce: There’s nothing wrong with me

Pierce has dealt with a myriad of injuries this season, but given the caveat that every player is a little banged up at this point in the season, he stated flatly Monday after the Celtics went through a brief practice that he was fine. "There’s nothing wrong with me," Pierce said. "For me, it’s just being ready, being focused, giving my team whatever it needs to win. There’s nothing wrong with me."

Green Street " Good Tony arrives just in time

You could have made a lot of money in October if you wagered that the Celtics best, most consistent and indispensable bench player in the 2010 playoffs would have been Tony Allen, but here we are.

About That Officiating in Game 3 | CelticsHub.com

There is a segment of Boston fans who argue—rather loudly—that the officials aided the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3, a game Cleveland won by 29 points. These fans concede Cleveland ultimately won the game because they played great basketball, but they also argue that several calls that went against Boston in the 1st and early 2nd quarters killed any chance for a Boston comeback. 

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