for everyone during the season who was screaming for doc to be fired...

???? where are they now??  he stuck with his players to get them ready for this point of the season.. stuck with tony allen, glen davis after everyone wanted both to either be traded or basically not come out of the locker room. he's shortened rasheeds time now, knowing that at some point he could snap out of his funk... altho that only happened in game 2 it was needed. his riding rondo has made rondo into a star that everyone outside of new england is now noticing..  they picked up finley, robinson to push rondo and ta to keep getting better. he mentioned sheldon to push davis to grow up and get better..  he out coached phil jackson 2 years ago to win it all.. he out coached the guy in miami that they now are thinking about bringing back pat riley. he's out coached the cleveland staff to the point of they will be fired if they dont win it ALL. and i'm getting tired of hearing how lebron doesnt have a good supporting cast around hm.. during the season they were the deapest team. now they dont have the players around lebron? thats because the coaching staff doesnt know how to use that team. doc has a high understanding on how to use this team. he let rondo run wild. then when they made adjustments he ran more plays for who ever mo williams was gaurding takin lebron out his game. and forcing them to play dan gibson. next game they may activate telfair.. they dont know what they are doing!! 

how many coaches can be comfortable playing d. wade then lebron then d. howard (assuming they win 1 more game) with kobe possibly waiting in the finals.. thats 4 of the all nba team this year. 4 starters on the olympic team. the celtics didnt have 1 on either..

doc has them playing togther. as a team!


great job doc.

great job thibs.

great job by the players for finishing the plays.

great job by danny to stick by and pick up 'role' players.

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