the lakers are doing a nice job.. BUT...

i respect what they are doing. they are winning so its a nice job. they are doing what they are supposed to do!


my issue with what the lakers are doing is the other teams they have faced so far arent as long and havent been thru the grind of the playoffs as the celtics...

i'll explain.

-okc is a great young team BUT collison, ibaka, kristic and jeff green arent in the same state as perk, kg, davis and sheed. AND mostly under sized at the positions they play. kristic is 7 foot but the rest are not going to interupt what l.a. wants to do.. i like jeff green, but he would have had to gaurd pau? dirk? boozer? amare? duncan?  he may be able to hide in the regular season but tough to do that with those veteran players..

 -utah lost kirelenko for a couple games. so his size and lenght wasnt able to bother odom or kobe. and even when he was playing he wasnt 100% healthy. okur for all but 1 so there goes a player with size. and who stretches the floor.. milsap is good but he isnt very tall 6-6  to at most maybe 6-8 vs bynum 7-1 gasol 7-0 odom 6-10. so his game isnt as good as he should or was in the regular season. . fesenko has height but he falls under the young and not getting the refs respect. boozer cant gaurd bynum and pau, enough said on that. utah runs a good system, hall of fame coach for a reason, but they were dumping talent all year. (brewer, maynor) then add the injuries... they didnt have a chance!!!

-the suns.. amare is in the top 5 big guys... who dont play D!!! amare, odom is making you look like a spot starter with his numbers, and you want max money?!?!?! wade cant feel better if amare joins him in miami. kg will rip him apart!   grant hill is a good vet who would benefit in another system.. a sytem with a big guy saving him from time to time. to bad he chose not to play in boston..  hill lost a step is being nice. sorry about your injuries grant you WERE GREAT! dudley i like but cant gaurd kobe one play then play odom the next.. LA is to smart for that. and nash isnt a player who can stop the other pg. farmar and fisher look like an all star combo.. come on steve you wont win a championship by playing no D.

it seems more likely now that it will be boston L.A. for the 8th time? 9th? ok.. 2nd in 3 years is easier to say. pau vs kg. both over 7 foot. bynum vs perk, andrew here is a tip- your not dwight howard and perk slows him down ALOT. there is a good chance you'll be sitting alot. warm up the butt warmers now!!!! so it leaves davis and sheed to slow odom up. lamar has never liked contact. rattles easy. shy's away once shown he cant have his way. i like bostons chances. kobe and artest vs pierce and ray. kobe is the best player out of the 4. but i like the celtics expierence. artest has never been this close to winning it all. ray seems to get better. paul also raises his play vs players that are top of the nba type players. and i'm not going to waist time talking about rondo vs fisher. ta vs shannon brown. (dude you have a girls name! go play in the wnba!!).. 

i'm not saying the c's will sweep. but they will win it all again if they continue to play like they are!!!

GO CELTICS! RONDO wins the bill russell award.  kobe goes home wondering what happened (again) and thanking kg's knee for pooping the bed last year! that way they didnt have to play boston 3 years in a row

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