Banner # 18- be a believer- bandwagon blues are not for me

During the past season, I've been passionately following each and every game [ mainly on the internet, as I don't have tv access to the majority of the games here, even my radio pass hasn't worked here all season, and there's a conflict in my waking hours and the playing hours, for the most part ] and all of the goings on after each game on Celtics blog and others.

 I've been a semi- regular contibutor to the fanposts and fanshots, with all of the ups and downs that we've been going through during the regular season, and have made a number of comments pertinent to the team and the development thereof- to whit :

1] Way back when, at a time when the season was just getting underway, I raised the subject of the potential effects on the Cs of the back to back games; that they would be tired, less inspired, and would be playing with a lot less energy, owing mainly to the aging of our ' big three' starters and R.Wallace. This, indeed, came to pass.

With the playoffs, this becomes a non-factor, as there is at least two days between each game, and our guys have been rested and ready.

2] Re-signing Glen 'B.B' Davis, after protracted negotiations [ or lack thereof, on behalf of other teams showing an interest in him ] and locking him up for the next two seasons at a price that we can afford [ and hopefully, that he can live with, without being disgruntled ] secured us a power forward with strength, who can handle pretty much whatever is thrown at him. [ Without his idiotic injury, he might have had a terrific season, and could have changed a number of tight losses to wins].

 We managed to snag Rasheed Wallace, no less, who I believe will have a banner year[s] with Boston, and will be playing with a renewed passion for the game. [ Boy, was I wrong about that during the regular season, but what a shift in gears in the playoffs- see DRJ1's fanposts on the subject}.

If Tony Allen can't be traded for anyone, he may yet surprise us [ hopefully, in a good way ] and  demonstrate the talent that at one time we thought he had; if not- farewell.

 BBD after his injury recovery, has exceeded even my hoped for expectations in the playoffs, to date, and while I was wrong about Wallace during the regular season [ see DRJ1's latest and very prescient fanpost- The One (And Only) Theory Of The 2010 Celtics ] he's been proving me right at the right time, and as far as Tony Allan goes- a most welcome  'good' surprise.

3] It's the playoffs that count, and here is where I fully expect the guys who have underwhelmed us up until now, a.k.a. Sheed, etc, will stand up and be counted.

This is a point that I made some time ago, in a fanpost during the weeks leading up to the playoffs, and the optimism that I've tried to be consistent with all during the season has stood me in good stead, and we are now seeing what our Celtics are capable of.

I can't heap enough praise on the continuing development of Rajon Rondo to the ALL Star player he's become, who has now truly become an integral part of the " BIG FOUR ".

Lets close out this series at home, and bring on the Lakers- it's a rematch that I've been looking forward to since they stole [ give them credit # with the asterisk- they earned it last year] our banner no.18.

GO Celtics !!!



Lionel Gaffen/ Fotomix.


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