No Excuses For MVP

You know, maybe LeBron's arm is a little sore, but I am really tired of hearing about it.  The guy showed in the 2nd half of game 1 and the last quarter of game 2 that he can use the arm just fine when things are going well.  So don't talk to me about his elbow.

Matt Moore agrees:

Celtics crash Cavs' Game 2 MVP party - ProBasketballTalk

LeBron James' elbow will be discussed at length in the next three days, but let's be clear. James' pedestrian performance (24 points, 7 rebounds, 10 of 15 from the line) was the product of a sound defensive strategy from the Celtics which worked hard to simply deny the ball to his side, then hammer him when he went inside, and largely forced him out of the action. 

In fact, even LeBron agrees (I think):

Cavaliers’ spirits take a big hit - The Boston Globe

James never grabbed for his injured right elbow, but he didn’t look like the same person who scored 35 points in Saturday’s 101-93 win. "We never use an injury as an excuse,’’ James said. "Like I said before, if I’m on the court, I try to be as productive as possible.’’ Seeing him spilled out on the court under the trapping defense of Ray Allen and Paul Pierce and turning the ball over in the third quarter was a sign of the inevitable. The Cavaliers weren’t going to come back.

Some would say that LeBron's issue is somewhere above his elbow.  Like in his head:

Time for LeBron to act like the MVP - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

"For me," LeBron would say, "there’s no panic. I may handle it differently than Mike. This is a long series." It’s not going to be unless LeBron James starts thinking like Mike Brown. So here comes the test of LeBron and here it comes in a big, big way. Cleveland is in trouble, and if Brown is the only one who realizes it, then the Cavaliers are in more trouble than even the coach suspects. Boston isn’t going away. All these supposed old men just keep coming and coming and coming, still convinced a championship can be theirs. They’ve got too many weapons. They’ve got too much heart. Brown sees it. Brown senses it. LeBron needs to in a hurry.

Whatever it is that LeBron isn't "getting" I hope he continues struggling with it because he's still a force to reckon with.

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