"The road"

The C's are in the Finals, what now?

The only option is to move forward, but what happened to the long weeks before this?

Call me a homer but we cannot deny that the C's are trudging one of the most harshest terrain in the Playoffs this year. First, they routed the Miami squad, which was not an easy series despite the 5 game victory. Critics said that we won cause the Celtics fought at a "D-Wade" show back there-yet, are guys are unfazed.

Next are the Cavs. This time, our underdog status was totally cemented in the Playoffs;people counting us out, Sports analyst saying that Lebron will be "the king" that he is and will trounce our veteran squad. To us, our guys are wily veterans, but to the opposition, they are just people who are trying their best to hold off Father Time. Yes, people think that we are  deluded at the fact that the C's are still champs, and only time will tell if Cleveland will end our misery. Game 1 for us was an opportunity lost, but to them, it was called a comeback win due to the Cavs' tenacity. Game 2 follows and like a blink of an eye, we tied the series. Game 3 came and it was a blowout, people told us that Game 3 showed the youth of the Cavs and the age of the C's were factors; yet 3 games later, many were silenced by our victory over the much-favored Cleveland squad. But the silence was temporary since another game was looming- a game in which we could prove the world wrong or otherwise.

I don't need to sum up the Boston and Orlando series since the victory was fresh off our minds. The underdogs still prevailed. Critics have always said that we are old and to the extent of being "has beens", washed up and over-the-hill, though it hurts the Celtics fan within us, there has been a hint of truth to that. I cannot deny that some of our squad members are aging, but I think they are like wine, as they age, they become more refined, as well as their play.

In a nutshell, our squad traveled an unlikely road, facing teams that are heavily favored and expected to win-yet we came out on top. Compared to other teams, I can truly say that our road was one with the most bumps, and we shared some bruises on they way. Again, call me a homer but our road to the Finals was tougher and very steep. We faced the Miami Heat-led by Dwyane Wade, a star of a champ caliber but his team lacked the firepower to support him. We faced the Cavs-led by LBJ, the league MVP with better supporting cast and more mobility-which prompted critics to say that they will tire our "old" legs till we drop, nonetheless, we won against all the odds stacked against us. Then we faced the Magic along with Dwight Howard. Our victory against Miami sparked our critics to say that we faced a one-man team and obviously we can win. People also stated that if we were to face the Cavs, we will be beaten since its like DWade upgraded along with juiced-up supporting cast, alas we still proved them wrong.  Then, here comes the Magic-in which critics and naysayers said that unlike Cleveland and Miami, this one is a legit team with a superstar D12 along with supporting cast which can stand on their own, and I agree with them, still, we beat 'em like we are supposed to do.

And now, here he are in the Finals, another tough adversary in front of us, we will be ready for them. And after all the what this team has done, I have faith in them. We faced the toughest foes and climbed the steepest uphill battle, I'd say we are worthy of another championship. The critics should know that we worked the hardest for this spot. Our road to the finals was not cakewalk and without a doubt, the hardest, yes! I can say that without falter.

The Celtics worked hard for this, faced the odds, fought their way, clawed to the top. They are almost there, and I believe.

And to balance my inner homer, granted that the Big three are old dogs that the critics say, they may not be able to run as fast like in their youth, but they still can pack a bite that can hurt a lot. They don't need to run their "aging" legs in order to catch the prey and bite, we have a PG who can "feed" the Big Three and let them go to work!

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